A feedback on DAOs and StakeborgDAO

First off, a little about DAOs, but not the usual definitions. The reason why DAOs and implicitly DAO communites are so much more than a discord server and cannot really be compared to your usual instagram community, school class, work team, company department etc either is because of the culture that is continually perpetuated and transformed by each and everyone of the people inside there, and the continuous intentional acts of being there and contributing (you’re not incentivised to just be there, nor are you forced by the system/algorithm, it’s all based on free will, and when something is built voluntarily, great things happen – just look at all the open-source projects from the crypto space, and not only)

Now, let’s talk about the people. As in every community, for a DAO the most important factor is represented by its people. And the best people are the ones who are both smart AND kind. The first one is kinda straight-forward but the second might not be that obvious (unless you’re GaryVee). This reminds me of a perhaps clicheic quote, but nonetheless real, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ 

And I strongly believe that this is why DAOs will take by storm not just traditional finance companies, but companies in general.

The thing is, the latter are run in the best case scenario by just a few people, and in the worst case scenario by one person. Therefore for you, as a employee/associate, the flow of decision making is a one way street; you decide for those below you and those above you decide for you.

Now just think about a scenario where if the place you work for wins, you win too (just like holding shares, but the possibilities are endless), and where you can actually contribute to that success, how you see fit.

This can be great, but also bad, again, depending on the culture and the people inside. Let me explain.

People are different, so what is right in my opinion might not be right in yours, and vice versa, and that’s completely normal and desirable because we all have different perspectives that are shaped by the knowledge and experience we have. The thing is not to make sure that the person who makes the calls is the smartest/most rational etc, it’s pretty hard to achieve or even measure that, but the point is to create a system where everyone involved gets to say something and (most importantly) gets incentivised based on meritocracy not on a great first interview etc.

Of course, not all DAOs will stay, they will act somehow like Captain America’s serum, it will bring out what’s inside the people, it will make the good greater and the bad worse. 

But that’s exactly why I liked StakeborgDAO, whenever there’s something off/there’s a debate, the people (and I mean everyone, not just the mods or the team members) try to manage the situation so that it’s fair for everyone and that the truth wins, not themselves or some predefined ideas. And this flexibility and openness combined with the already present intelligence and kindness is what will make this particular DAO stay. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not flattery, far from it. It’s simply pointing out, perhaps a little subjectively, why I am right now using my time to write this article about some people that I haven’t met (yet). 

And I believe many do share this idea, we all invest time in the things we believe in. When we’ll no longer believe in this, we’ll stop putting in effort. And once again, the fact that we have the option to continually reevaluate what makes sense for us and what we believe in and contribute towards that particular thing, is one of the many reasons why DAOs are not some catch phrase or “the new thing” that will die out in a few months, but they are actually here to stay; because they give control back to the people, and most important, back to the right people, the ones who are actually involved. And until now, every ‘metric’ looks great for StakeborgDAO so I am betting on this one:)

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  1. Mi-a placut sa ma uit la StakeborgDAO prin ochii tai si rezonez cu ce ai spus. Unul din marile noastre avantaje este ca functionam ca un organism viu, dispus mereu sa se adapteze la nou.