Building digital colonies from a place of love

I’m watching my kids at the dinner table acting silly – like most kids do, laughing and being careless – like all kids should. And I feel grateful that we live in a bubble where kids don’t fear bombs, don’t know hunger, or frostbites. I also feel ashamed that we are so randomly lucky to live in a different geography while, at the same time, other human beings spend their days and nights in fear. And it breaks my heart.

It is though in times of crisis that humanity shines through and gives us all hope that the good in the world will, in the end, prevail. The internet has washed away distances and brought us so close together that conflicts happening miles away feel like they take place in our neighborhood. And good neighbors stand together. In these crazy days, where the lives of innocent humans are being shattered into pieces, citizens of web3 joined forces and are lending a helping hand to the people of Ukraine: projects are being created, information shared, funds gathered – humanity empowered by technology, the best use case of all.

Web3 is a great platform for like-minded people to find each other easily and aggregate around common values. Unfortunately, people’s actions don’t always come from a place of love. Sometimes, people are nasty, they start wars.

While achieving a level of transparency that we never experienced before, web3 and DAOs will act as a mirror for humankind’s common values and beliefs. The more people will take the opportunity to express themselves and their intentions, the clearer the societal stocktaking will be.

Just like AndreeaM was saying in her article, DAOs will act like “Captain America’s serum, it will bring out what’s inside the people, it will make the good greater and the bad worse”.

Thanks to the blockchain we’ll be able to see clearly which are the ideas that convince most people to put their money where their mouth is. DAOs and projects that reach a high market capitalization will tell us more about who we are and what we value as a society than we tell ourselves. Are those projects focusing on building public goods and changing the world for the better or on the contrary? In the future, the radiography of humankind’s values and beliefs will be available one click away for everyone to see.

As time passes and our StakeborgDAO community continues to grow, I’m asking myself what check mechanisms will we need to put in place to help us stay true to our values such as community first, respect, inclusiveness, and building with the public good in mind? Are these even (all) the values our digital colony identifies with? Will they still be a good compass in 10 years from now or will we need to adjust them? How will we attract and retain people that share the same beliefs? How will we manage conflict?

The journey has only just begun and it’s as exciting as it’s full of questions. The amazing opportunity we have though, is that we are not each alone on this adventure. We are a community of smart AND kind people. And when “smart” meets “kind”, amazing solutions emerge, from a place of love, that transform the world around us for the better.

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  1. Congrats for your first eng article. Answering to your questions I think once we don’t forget our “why” this project will continue in his process decades from now. We need to protect our “why” and the Queen bee🐝(Stakeborg DAO).😇