Finding Stakeborg DAO

And what can I do to support it’s growth and bring value to the community?

A not-impressive, honest and true story.

I won’t go too much into how I first heard about StakeborgDAO, because honestly, I don’t remember.

I have seen Razvan at George Buhnici’s podcast and I found him interesting. After some time, I watched the Stakeborg Talk between Vlad and Razvan. It was the first time I was finding out about Vlad. I liked his style too and got a good vibe from the discussions. I also subscribed to the TCI newsletter (the oldest one I can find in my email is no. 27, but I could bet I was there before that – I most likely ” sinned” and deleted the emails).

Due to personal circumstances, I lost contact with crypto world for about 50% of 2021. But I was often reading the TCIs – was like the perfect dose, to not completely be on the outside. About Oct-Nov last year I got back in touch with crypto and was able to start using some funds for investing again. I think it was around the time that Vitalik was in Bucharest and all the hype around that event put Stakeborg on my radar and then by looking up what they have been up to I found the Discord group.

And then everything changed.

Actually I got on the Discord group initially thinking it was just the official Discord of Stakeborg. I missed the DAO part meaning 😀

It was clear from the start that there was quality and value in this group. This would summarize my first impression.

And then I started to read the conversations, follow resources, going back at reading the whitepaper (I read it 3 times already and every time I could connect more dots – I think I still need to read it a few times but I am waiting for the update), checking the official resources, watching the tutorials, etc.

I also got some skin in the game and on top of that I was eligible for the 2nd Airdrop, which I didn’t expect.

However, I can’t stress enough how much the quality of the people that I observe being active on a regular basis impacted my feelings about this community. You guys rock!

I really tried to keep it short

Coming to the 2nd part – How can I help StakeborgDAO is by dedicating a generous part of my free/ idle time bringing value to the organization and the community. In terms of time, I wish I had more, but next to my family, I have also my full time job.

I believe I have basic project management skills, and I am currently following a course in this direction. Next to this, I have a hospitality background and I would love to get involved in organizing events, retreats, parties etc. That would be my sweet spot.

Currently I am part of the Amsterdam sales team of the NH Hotel Group.

I have also led a couple of small teams for different projects and have some experience in corporate communication.

I am also passionate about the operations part, looking always to improve processes and striving for higher efficiency.

I have in plan to start learning programing, after I am done with the PM course.

As much as time will allow me, I will use the set of skills mentioned above to create added value for the DAO.

The current value that I get from just being here and talking with you, for me personally, overcomes the price of Standard or ILSI.

I am not here for the Xes but for the knowledge, education, development and common values that will help us make the Xs, eventually. When that ratio will change, I will be the first to let you know. But I have a feeling it’s going to be for the long run.

Although I have a lot of ideas that I would like to propose or test, and I wish I would have more time to put in. But hey – you never know how things will develop.

Maybe this would have been smaller and concise answer: How can you help StakeborgDAO?

By involvement and commitment and constantly educating myself.

I decided to end all my future articles with my favorite quote:

Love people and use things, because the opposite never works.


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