Football and crypto

Hello dear community,

My name is George Cătălin Buliga, I’m 23 years old and I’m from our beloved capital city, Bucharest, more precisely sector 4, not so far from Ferentexas :D. So who is near me DM me to have a talk if you have time.

I graduated ”Eugen Lovinescu” High School, intensive English class, with one year at National College “Gheorghe Lazar” in Cluj. Currently I’m studying Physical Education at Romanian-American University. I’m looking forward to next year for my bachelor degree to write about fan tokens, I hope I can do it and none of my teacher will be against it.

Well, my job, surprisingly I know, is that of a professional football player (I heard that Vlad and Cosmin are huge Rapid fans :D). I know, it’s very hard to believe this because maybe your first thought would be “wtf, what is the relationship between football and crypto“ or “football players are so stupid“ etc ). Actually, the second thought it’s 90% true but I think of myself as an exception (at least I hope I am :)) ).

Currently, I am playing for FC Astra Giurgiu in second division. In my youth I played for Steaua (FCSB), Dinamo, I had an adventure for a year in Cluj-Napoca where I played for  FC Ardealul Cluj and we succeeded to achieve second place in Romania at under 17 championship. At professional level I managed to play in the first league for FC Voluntari but just for a few matches and now I’m playing for FC Astra Giurgiu and I’m trying, together with the boys, to save the team from relegation. Because the club accumulated some debt we were downdgraded 14 points but we succeeded to win 19 points and now we are still in the game to save the team.

 I’m not gonna get into much details, but the journey so far it was tough, I had a couple of bad injuries. At the same time it’s great to be a football player, especially at high level where your work is really appreciated, unfortunately in Romania that’s not happening but I digress.

Now, crypto part. I had some savings from football and every day I was wondering where I can put my money to make more but at the same time to be able to practice football. My journey started in feburary 2021. I heard from my girlfriend’s father (who is not exactly the person to talk about investing money) that in revolut app you can trade crypto and from there I was like a mouse in a room full of cheese. I started to get educated really hard every single day at least 4-5 hours until now. One of my ideas from my investional plans is to own 1 BTC until 2024, the idea came from TCI PRO #17 where Vlad said “From $2000 to $70,000 + there are 3 successive projects that make 3.5x “  

I even tweeted it: . 

>>When<< not >>if<<, BTC will be on my cold wallet I will let you know. 😀

I see Stakeborg like a family – seriously, my brother in law is GSPing. I introduced him to Stakeborg a time ago and now he is doing an amazing job in daily review team. I heard of Stakeborg when it were just EGLD nodes and back then I didn’t understand quite well what those nodes are. So, I’m here from the first newsletter and I will be here when this DAO will be a multibilion dollar DAO.

I consider myself an evangelist of crypto and Stakeborg DAO, I’m trying to explain to people that from time to time in this world human beings face some amazing one lifetime oportunity to make generational wealth, and crypto is one of them. Some understand, some do not but I did my duty.

I’m looking forward to do something great in this space and I’m 100% sure that everyone from this great community will make it with education, patience and skin in the game.



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  1. Congrats for your journey! I believe that being a full time pro athelete means a lot of time and energy but I’m happy for you that you still have time for crypto education. DAO Family !

    1. Thank you! Like in every aspect of life, it is all about priorities, if you really want to find time for something you will find.

  2. Man … get the f**k out of here! I am mind blowned…again. I thought I read some of the best stories here… but they keep coming. Congrats bro! Keep up the football (train well)! I can see that you are already a good lad from reading your story. Happy that you are here in this community and indeed, @GSPing is doing a great job!

  3. Salutare.
    Mi a plăcut mult sa-ti citesc povestea, și aștept și următoarele, felicitări pt cariera de fotbalist, îmi place și mie sportul și știu ce dificil e sa ramai constat la un nivel înalt!