Web3 Learnings – Edition 1 (the Rabbit Hole one)

GM #stakeborgars,

As I write this article/ thread we are all waiting for Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s update on U.S. Economy from Jackson Hole, Wyo. The markets are set to react to his speech so I am curious to see which way we are heading (no bets here).

Regardless of the direction the market will head, it’s important to remember that we are still in a bear market and the most impactful thing we can do right now is to push the education gas pedal and get our hands dirty in building whatever we are passionate about.

I believe that continuous education and practice ( to be also read as perseverance) are the main ingredients for long-term success.

At @StakeborgDAO we are very happy to have had early access to the first blockchain course offered in Romanian. The course is developed by the @Stakeborg team and can be found here at the link below 👇

Stakeborg Academy ( Romanian only)

It also got to my ears that the team is preparing another module to be added to this course. So make sure you have the notifications active for @Stakeborg and @StakeborgDAO.

As we are excitingly waiting for the new module to launch ( no date determined yet), there are a couple of other options to pursue if you would like to have the basics covered. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be cool to have some sort of on-chain certification for your acquired skills and knowledge?

Today, as we are approaching the Back to School period, I want to let you know about Rabbit Hole and my experience with the platform.

What is Rabbit Hole?

Rabbit Hole is a platform for learning and finding earning opportunities in crypto. They curate the best quality applications in Web3 and help users get started in this field.

What is the scope of the project?

What is the scope of the project?

Rabbit Hole’s mission is to increase the number of economic opportunities across the globe by making crypto more accessible and meritocratic.

Before you start your journey down the Rabbit Hole you should make sure you have a few things ready:

  • Crypto Wallet (works great with Metamask).
  • Some available ETH*
  • BrightID Verification completed – A recent tweet on BrightID.
    • completing the Skill and Quest steps often requires signing transactions that involve Gas fees.

How does it work?

After connecting with your wallet (ETH Network), you will be able to start completing the available Skills.

Completing these will be rewarded with a special Credential NFT that will certify your knowledge and skill. Holding the Credential NFT will also give you access to Quests designed in partnership with Web3 applications, allowing you to earn tokens and NFTs.


The partnered projects can offer Credential holders exclusive experiences and opportunities while ensuring that their community members have the necessary crypto knowledge.

The use cases for these credentials are endless. Here’s a list of some of the implementations available (but not limited to).


@StakeborgDAO – would a Rabbit Hole quest be something interesting for the upcoming #Construct project? I believe this will be a great opportunity for the DAO credential holders.

Share your thoughts in the comments area

Here’s more info on Credentials Partnerships.

🤹 Skills

  • Into into DeFi Complete the tasks of this skill to learn more about the new financial system.
  • Intro into DAOs Complete the tasks of this skill to learn more about the tools you’ll need to succeed as a DAO contributor.
  • Intro into NFTs Complete the tasks involved with this skill to start your journey into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens.

🤔 Quests

Via Quests, Rabbit Hole helps crypto projects find and engage the best users for their community or protocol.

The quests are an important part of Rabbit Hole’s mission: onboarding the next billion people to the most important web3 projects and helping users grow their ownership in the web3 economy by completing on-chain Tasks that are value-additive to projects.

Important! To be eligible for claiming the Credential/ NFTs, you need to be verified via BrightID. Here is a tutorial on what you need to do.

Available Quests:

This quest is active and requires the Intro into DeFi credential. The quest introduces Rocket Pool, a POS platform designed to be community owned, decentralized and trustless. Rocket Pool enables access to tokenized liquid staking and it also provides infrastructure for users to run their own node.

#stakeborgars – What about a @StakeborgDAO ETH node?

Share your thoughts in the comments area

The quest ends on 29th of August and the there is a cap of 5000 NFTs to be claimed.

Hurry up as at the time of writing, over 3200 NFTs were already claimed.

Should you want to hear more about this project, there was a Twitter Spaces hosted by Rabbit Hole, Saturday 26th of August 11.00 PM CET. Here’s the recording.

Here are some of the previous quests

  • Onboarding to Lens

For this Quest, you had to complete tasks on Lenster, an application built on top of the Lens Protocol.

  • Mirror Reflections: What is keeping you motivated?

Web3 needs your voice and Mirror gives you the platform to share it.

  • Learn L2s with Uniswap

Swap and provide liquidity for any token pair on Uniswap Optimism and Arbitrum to complete this Quest.

  • Stake with Lido

Learn what it means to put your tokens to work with Lido’s liquid staking protocol.

  • Journey through Avalanche

Swap, deposit and provide liquidity on some of the top decentralized apps on Avalanche.

All tutorials for all skills and quests are available on Rabbit Hole’s Mirror page. These remain available even if a quest has expired.

Personal Experience with the platform

Intro into DAOs
Intro into DeFi
Intro into NFTs
Onboarding to Lens Quest

From the start of this bear market, I looked for options to grow my knowledge and develop my crypto/ web3 skills. What attracted me the most at Rabbit Hole was the fact that at the end of each Skill and Quest, I would receive a certification that I posess the knowledge. I believe this to be highly important especially in the future. It’s like building an on-chain CV.

Futhermore, the Skills developed up to this point, cover the basic knowledge and skills one should get if just getting into crypto. What is adding great value to the user, is that the tasks necessary to be completed for each Skill/ Quest are practical. You actually need to do stuff, IRL. So the process is thought in such a way that offers you learn by doing, which in my view is the best way to learn.

I profited by the low gas fees on ETH lately, so I got all three intro Skills and I completed the Onboarding to Lens ( which would have got you the Lens handle as well) and the Decentralized Staking on Rocket Pool quests.

The latter, taught me that would be possible to start an ETH node with only 16 ETH rather than 32 required via Rocket Pool (which sparked some ideas in my head).

Probably nothing, but I encourage everyone (noob or OG) to head over to Rabbit Hole and complete the Skills and the active Quest(s).

I will leave below all useful links to Rabbit Hole ecosystem and if you have questions, shoot in the comments and I will be happy to answer.

Useful links and contact details of Rabbit Hole

Website / Blog / Twitter / Discord / YouTube Resources: Learn Hub / Mirror

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