Fees. The good and the ugly #binance #revolut

How long does it take to forget your last fee for top-up? I forget in a matter of seconds but now as I discovered how to top-up my binance account in a good way, I remember all the fees along the way … and that s ugly. But it feels good that I am part of Stakeborgdao community, the house of crypto education as I like to say.

So, if I catched you re attention and you want to know the method for transferring money from Revolut to your Binance account without extra fees you should grab your Iphone and scroll down.

Note: The example is for mobile app

Step 1

  • go to you re Binance app
  • Press more, select Deposit, then Cash and select USD
  • Deposit USD – Pay with Bank transfer (Swift) – enter amount, press Continue and read the important notes πŸ™‚

Step 2

  • open you re Revolut app
  • Press Send and from the top right press β€œ+New”
  • Add a bank recipient, select business, start to write the details bellow and press add recipient
  • Enter the amount of $ and WRITE THE REFERENCE CODE down bellow
  • Press Continue

*Reference code you ll find in Binance, right over there where I said to read the important notes πŸ™‚

**You have an ss here, but please verify again the details in Binance !! 

Or just copy/paste from Binance app.

The ugly part is that you ll receive the amount in 24h but the good part is that you had no extra taxes to pay. In Binance you ll get BUSD stablecoin which you can easily sell it for USDT at 1:1 ratio.

I wish I knew this before I entered the crypto world, but now you have the chance to save some $$ for whatever coin you want to invest in. If you read till here I think you have some #standard in your pocket already, right?

Will you try this method or you ll stay at the old-fashioned way? Let me know bellow.

The bad and the ugly,


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    1. One more thing: you can only transfer Euros, not USD. The exchange can be done in Revolut, before sending it to crypto.com

  1. Later edit. I did what you described and it works! Thanks a lot! From now on I will enjoy every bit of fee when I’m not paying it.

      1. They are asking for my bank name and bank account number before completing with the information you posted in the screenshot. What should be completed in that fields for Revolut?

        1. I took the steps right from the beginning and they didn’t ask for bank name. I had just the 2 pages like in the screenshots above.