From Hero to 0 and back to Hero

Due to popular request , here it is , the story of how I got to own my first Bitcoin. To understand it a bit better I need to take you further back in time.

It`s 2009 , I was working at that time for a big financial company in Romania in the actuarial/risk management department, due to the financial problems that affected our country, being made redundant was on the table. I then took the decision to move to the UK and look for job in the financial capital of the world (debatable), London . Of course they had the same problems as my home country and nobody was hiring at that time, time passed by and you can only live so long on your savings without working in London.

I finally decided to go out and find a job and what do you know ? I`ve done it , my new workplace Canary Warf, HSBC, JP Morgan, Citi, they were all there , but something was not quite as I imagined, my suit was not a tailor suit and my office was on the street as I was working as courier on a motorcycle. Half of the dream accomplished, now I just needed to make connections in the post room as that is how I saw people making their way up in the movies.

One day I get an order to pick up a parcel from a company and take it to 100 miles away to a person living on the coast. Got to my delivery point and a huge gate was blocking my way to get to the mansion and deliver the parcel. I get off my bike and this guy , in his early 30`s greets me to pick up the parcel, dressed more like the gardner I insist that I need to see an ID before I can hand over the parcel. He invites me in his home to get the ID and I see a room full of monitor with different charts, I take the courage and ask him ” what do you do for a living , ser?” and he starts explaining about crypto trading, I stopped him trying to be intelligent , “oh yeah cryptocurrency used on the silk road”, he had the same reaction as many of us have now when we are told crypto is a joke and takes me through the entire history and how Bitcoin is going to be the future of the money and so on. At the beginning I thought that he was just another MLM representative trying to get me into this. I got home and started to verify everything that he said and he was right but I was not ready to invest in it.

Few years pass and in March 2013 I saw a news about rising price of Bitcoin, FOMO kicked in and with my first salary as a lorry driver I decided to invest $1000 and buy 5 BTC at $200. Seeing the volatility of the asset I recognised that it might be worth trading this asset and get more. I made quite a decent amount of money as I managed to sell most of my portfolio around the ATH in December 2013.

With my new capital I decided to invest in the logistic industry where I took a contract to deliver parcels as a sub-contractor. By the end of 2014 I had 24 drivers working in my company and I received a very good offer to sell the business to the main company that I subcontracted the work from.

I was living the dream so why not ? I wanted a house on the coast and bought this big 7 room house 10 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean. Taxes and bills started coming in on my wealth so I decided with what I had left to invest again in crypto to maintain my lifestyle , little that I knew that I was buying into projects that turned out to be rug pull, or just before the next bear market in 2018. Having taken that sore defeat I decided that I need to learn everything that I can learn about this space to keep away from online scams. I went back to university to get another degree now in software engineering that helped me broad my horizon and differentiate between a good crypto project or another scam. I learned about the market cycles and how I need to DCA into projects , how not panic sale if there is nothing wrong with the project.

Having the knowledge and the big house I started mining ETH big way from home, I think that was the second best decision after buying BTC. What a journey that has been with police knocking on your door thinking that you grow weed based on your energy consumption.

It`s now 2022 and I am working as a developer 9 to 5, building what might be the future of e-commerce in metaverse as this is uncharted territory and I love what I am doing. I have a moon bag in crypto, not as big as it was in 2020 as I invested in some money in real-estate. I still have an active role in the crypto industry as a consultant. I was asked to be an advisor on a few different crypto projects and even handle the portfolio for a few wealthy people. I don`t know if this is financial independence but sure feels that I am on the right track.

A few lessons I learned on my trip:

  • never give up your dreams
  • never FOMO into a project even if it`s the holly grail of projects
  • be curious, ask questions as it might change your life
  • downtrading and bear markets make you rich, bull markets just confirms that

P.S – I would love to see many more stories if you don`t want to share your story, please tell us your “friends” story 🙂

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  1. “downtrading and bear markets make you rich, bull markets just confirms that” how true is that! xD
    Cool story there!