Pilot – Daily Review (English) – 7 January 2022

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Good morning guys! 

Is 2022 the DAO year?

Stakeborg DAO

The market suggests that 2022 will be the year of DAOs. Time will tell if this will turn out to be true or not. StakeborgDAO is early on in the game – so get ready! (by the way, Brody will be invited to StakeborgDAO Talks). Make sure to keep an eye on social media and the Discord channel!

Discord Channel US

Just a recap – on the StakeborgDAO Discord community you are welcomed to join the discussion in any of the below channels aimed at helping you engage in conversation, by connecting with like-minded peers, but also get support with any question you might have regarding StakeborgDAO (#general us) or any other matter (#dev_talks us, #4-the-nfts us, and newly launched #random_talks us – see more on this below).

Great announcement for the international members  – the community just launched the #random_talks us channel on the Discord group. This is a secondary channel, next to the #general us aimed at more casual conversations:

See the announcement below:

Scamming Bots

With the rapid growth we have seen recently, more and more scamming bots will try to infiltrate in and will send you phishing links via direct message. Since yesterday, there is a new topic covering scams – #report-scam.


Eugenptr expressed his thoughts about expanding the English conversations in order to provide community support for the international members and expand the community bonding through smart conversations, debates, sharing of information, community projects etc. You check his post here.

Will be of great help to read your thoughts, ideas, feedback/ recommendations in the comments section.

Discussion on the US channel is set to grow at a strong pace. 

Have a great weekend everybody!


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