Stakeborg DAO Community Mid-Week Review – #W02 17 – 19 January 2022

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Hello, and welcome to this week’s second edition of our bi-weekly English Review.

The Stakeborg DAO Reviews team’s focus is to keep you up to date with all important events occurred thorough the week. We know you are busy and sometimes can’t keep up with the flow, but do not worry this dedicated team ensures that you are all caught up.

Stakeborg DAO:

1M Circulating Supply

Monday, January 17th we have reached a very important milestone: The circulating supply of $STANDARD has reached 1M.

Road to DAO

The news about the circulating supply are not the only exciting ones; in less than 24 hours we’ve learned that we’re moving fast towards the activation of DAO, with 750K+ $STANDARD staked. I’m wondering how this number will look at time of publishing. Are you curious about it to? You can find out on The Playground.

Market cap watch

The 20M total market value of the circulated supply.
To put it into perspective: less than 3 months ago, the project was close to #3000. You can track project’s progress on CoinGecko.

Community articles

I am very pleased to see that the first part of the week was very active on I recommend you to go through all of them. I bet at the end you’d feel the need to like and share their articles.

From @red21’s story we learn that being successful is a matter of action, curiosity, education and a pinch of luck. This is not your average success story and it’s written in Red’s specific way.

@kalladin describes the seven stages of financial independence. Give it a read to see what level are you on and how could you move to the next one.

@mrshaorma makes his debut with a very well articulated text about the Proof of Work concept. @mrshaorma’s writing stile makes this concept easy to understand even for those with little or no knowledge.

And @andreiv came up with a very useful guide on how to read a smart contract and assess its safety. This read is not for the light-hearted…or is? Give it a read, there’s so much valuable information.

Community Member awareness initiative – @gsping

Starting from a casual discussion about a charitable poker tournament, GSPing decided to organize a new guild on the platform, called Fundraising Club. From the beginning, the place went wild, being received very well by the community. All you have to do to join the party is to press here.

Discord Channel – Round Up:

SubDAO Talks

This week’s discord headline is the implementation of the #sub-daos-talks, where the community members are invited to share ideas related to SubDAOs. The timing couldn’t have been better allowing us all to practice our research and debate skills in advance of DAO activation. This link will take you straight in the eye of tornado! Beware: this is not the place for small talks, this is where we exercise democracy. Enjoy it responsibly!

And it’s getting traction very fast, @shinmentakezo already shared a library of good read – and listen – resources. You’ll find them on sub-dao-talks channel.

Discord Bots

The wizard dev killed the bot. Long live the new bot. @andreiv brought us a new version of the bot that displays information about $STANDARD and $ILSI. On discord you can also find a bot that send alerts when the gas falls under 90, 70 and 50 gwei. You can use it here.

Community Resources:

Below is a great summary of FWB’s season five strategy. You can find the article at the end of the tweet thread:

On our discord server is now active a twitter-gang thread where anyone is invited to share their profile and follow others.

Alin35 shares on discord some useful info for all the bridgooors out there.

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We wish you a good week and do not forget to enjoy your time, for is the only resource you cannot buy more of.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thought.

Marcus Aurelius

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