Stakeborg DAO Community Mid-Week Review – #W04 24 – 26 January 2022

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The week picked up from where the last one finished and altough the overall market is still in the red zone we know that we must keep our mind in the long-term game and wait it out.

The StakeBorgDAO team is teasing us with the next “four of a kind” #StakeborgDAOTalks:

As they are true to their word, yesterday we have learned the name of the first ACE: Dean Tribble, CEO of Agoric

Stay tuned to the twitter channel to find out about the other 3 ACES.

Twitter round-up

Here we see why many of us will choose working for a DAO in the future:

Why education is key into building our “digital colony” check out the full thread:

A hint for a successful SubDAO:

We know we shouldn’t add all these tweets here but they are so damn great we want to make sure you don’t miss any of them, that’s whay we’ve made this whole “Twitter round-up” section over here.

Community Highlights

UK has their first #IRL Meeting set up. The details can be found over here – 5th of February 2022, a link to the meetup below, you can ask for details in english and one of the members of the UK guild will reply.

@ostanescu and @andrewf12 have published a piece about budgeting, check it out here:

You can check all the other articles in English over this section:

As a heads-up theres a new channel on the discord server where we can track the prices of both $Standard and ILSI live:

You can check out our “twitter-gang” – a thread on our discord server where we share our twitter handle and we follow each other with the scope to increase awareness of our DAO. Add yours there:

We remind you about the #sub-dao-talks channel that is filled with great information about how we can start our own subdao.

In retrospective:

The StakeborgDAO Talks interview with Tom Bilyeu was aired on Sunday. It is a great interview and you really don’t want to miss this one. Check it out!

If you look for the negative, it will be there. If you look for the positive, it will overwhelm you.

Tom Bilyeu

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  1. Good job, Kalladin! I’ll leave one of my favourite quotes from Tom’s interview is “Neurons that wire together, fire together”.