The Dao Insider Community Monthly Review – January 2022

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Monthly letter to our readers:

Hello #digitalcolony,

‘We will do our best to be good travel companions’. This is how the TCI newsletter begun, one year ago.

In the same manner TheDaoInsider is looking to present the StakeborgDAO journey but from the community perspective. And what a community we have gathered here! We will get more into this later.

To state the obvious, January was a bearish month in crypto space if our attention was only on the graphs, we can’t neglect that, but are we looking in the right direction?

A short personal perspective: Before I join StakeborgDAO space I was checking the graphs every minute, search for the new “moon baby” project in the hope that I would catch the 100x shot. Guess what, it never happened. Why? Because I had a wrong approach and my attention was focused on superficial things. After some time, I realized that the crypto is here to stay, this is the beginning of something that will have a big impact on our future, and the only chance not to be left out is to educate myself in this direction. Then, somehow, I discovered StakeborgDAO and from that moment is started to have a different vision about this industry.
When your start to make part of a space where you meet people that are the same page as you, with the same vision, the same desire to discover, to learn and to help others, you will realize that the price action of a whatever coin it’s just background noise. We are all here for the long game.

To sum-up, for me, January was the most bullish month since I joined the crypto space. Keep reading and you’ll find out more details about why I said that.

Stakeborg DAO:

This month saw a lot going on within the Stakeborg DAO Community, but also with the entire crypto space. 

January marked a few important milestones for Stakeborg DAO

  • The circulating supply of Standard surpassed 5% of the total existing amount. That’s more than 1 million Standard. Out of which more than 870K are Staked.
  • Market capitalization of Standard surpassed 15 million dollars.  
  • DAO activation is getting closer due to great January traction. 

In January we welcomed more members on Discord and steadily grew our social media presence. 

Stakeborg DAO Review by CryptoRobin

The Stakeborg DAO Talks

This year has begun by seeing some of the biggest names from industry on the The Stakeborg Talks podcast, hosted by Vlad.

First big name was Paul Brody from EY Global. He shared some of his views regarding on how Ethereum will be the infrastructure of web 3, how far away we are until auditors will start to look into DAO’s treasuries and the importance of crypto index funds. Entire discussion on TST#5. That was just the warm up.
Further, on TST#6 was Diran Li from Messari. Some of the approached topics: Ethereum’s chances to flip Bitcoin, The future of DAOs and Messari’s secret sauce.
On TST#7, Vlad had the chance to speak with ‘one of his dream guest’: Tom Bilyeu which doesn’t need any introduction. They had covered topics related to self-discipline, learner identity, decentralization, Ethereum, NFTs, Impact Theory Founders Key and how to build for the long-term in web3.

The upcoming #StakeborgDAOTalks was presented as 4 Of A Kind, where every day an Aces would be revealed. The first Ace was Dean Tribble the CEO of Agoric, a crypto OG. The entire chat can be found on TST#8. In the meantime, we found out the next 2 Aces: Joey Krug, CIO of Pantera Capital (check TST#9) and Avichal Garg, co-founder and partner on the investment team at Electric Capital which we will see the soon on the talk.

We are still waiting for the last Ace reveal. Who could it? And what we will find out at the end of this series? All we have to do is to wait, then to link the dots and we will certainly not be disappointed.

Twitter Round-Up

We have seen plenty of threads written by the Stakeborg team but also by Vlad, that tackle the fundamental bottlenecks of DAOs in a search for finding the best functioning mechanism. 

It’s important for the community to educate on as many aspects that relate to a DAOs creation and governance as possible, as well as about their role as DAO members – all of this in an effort of having educated decisions being made, when the DAO will be activated. 

Here are the main points that you should read:

The Crypto Insider

This month marked the 1st Anniversary of The Crypto Insider! And what a great present it received: TOP 10 Crypto Newsletters on Substack.

The Crypto Insider PRO got to the 27th edition and if you are not yet subscribed, you are missing on quality insights into the space. 

Time flies when you are learning and developing. Let’s take a minute and go through the first edition of TCI, and if you are new here, for sure you will find this a good read: 

You can subscribe right here:

Community Highlights:

In the beginning of this article I have mentioned the community gathered around StakeborgDAO.

We all have different backgrounds, different occupations and different ages but we all have the same purpose: to educate ourselves to understand and be prepared for the new web3 revolution.

Each of us has something interesting to say in order to help others to understand crypto space better. So even if you are 20 years old student you can write about DeFi Kingdoms – A thorough walkthrough 👀 which btw was one of the best articles of the month. That doesn’t make the rest of approached subjects less interesting, for example articles About budgeting and why is it important or Meditations #1: On Building wealth and the things I have learned along the way can help you shape your wealth building skills.

Those were just some examples, but if I made you curious and you are interested to find more you can join And who knows, maybe you can be the next one who write about something interesting.

A lot of things happens on our Discord channel also. How you can buy/stake/provide liquidity, when are the lowest gas fees to make a transaction or a interesting hot headline for industry? There you will find always somebody to help you for any question you have or to provide some great tips.

Those are the things happened in the last month. For me it doesn’t looks bad at all, and it is just the beginning.

Stakeborg Community Report

Every week we will share insights and highlight our community’s best gems. Check Vol.1 below:

Guilds Announcements

The Fundraising Guild launched this month.


Currently there are two initiatives going on:


The biggest headline on Discord this month was the  AMA with the StakeBorg team. In addition to all the questions answered by the team, we can stick with the following idea: “The StakeBorg team is part of the StakeBorgDAO community.”

SubDAO Talks US

This newly added channel is intended to be the place to gather ideas and resources regarding the particularities of DAOs / SubDAOs, and engage in debating relevant ideas that have the potential of translating into actual proposals.
There are a lot of valuable resources being shared in this particular channel. All focus is on DAOs.

Make sure you check it out here:

Discord Moderators

@Erwin, @Teo and @Ioan joined @andreiv and @Mtk in the Discord Moderators team. This step recognizes their daily implication and the help provided to the other members of the community.

Awareness Initiative

At the end of a personal marketing initiative from our community member @MafteiClaudiu, he announced the winners of his Twitter campaign. Results were impressive: over 565 Retweets and 535 comments in just 3 days.

Community Resources:

  • @andreiv brings a new update to the StakeborgDAO Explorer. Check the new interface and enjoy the new Buying fee estimation tab. – >
  • The Stakeborg DAO team has created a new section on the website called Brand Assets.
  • Impermanent Loss Calculator developed by @Tesseract:
  • Gas Bot – The team implemented a new bot for the Discord group which will automatically post when the Gas Price will drop below a certain value. For now this is set-up at 50, 70 and 90 gwei.
  • @andreiv shared a great map for understanding Web3.
  • Shame Bot – Under the #airdrops channel, we have now a bot that will announce all the Airdrop claims in real time.
  • Scam-Alert Channel – As the StakeBorgDAO community grows, many bots will join and send phishing links. Since this month we have a topic of #report-scam

Review’s Team Top January News:

We are introducing this new section aimed at sharing the top news that caught the team’s attention in the past month. Don’t take it as an industry overview news source, but more of personal topics of interest being shared. Let us know your feedback in the comments section!

1.What it’s a DAO ?
  “The blockchain business model has made headlines for sensational ploys. But in quieter corners DAOs are forging a promising new ecosystem for digital startups.” by Kyle Chayka

2. How to SubDAO ?
     DAOs are internet communities with a shared bank account and cap table. Many have predicted that DAOs will eclipse centralized organizations – eventually becoming bigger than countries, companies, and other entities that exist in the world today. How does that happen, and how do DAOs successfully scale to that size?

3. How to grow decentralized communities?
     Decentralized organizations enable work to be distributed to the community members instead of being entirely driven by top-down decision making hierarchies. While tokens financially align participants to contribute value to such a network, it is grassroots community leadership and ownership that enables the long-term success of a token network.

4. In 2021, VC’s invested over $33 billion into crypto and blockchain startups. That means 5% of the money invested across all sectors globally.

5. Elrond has announced the acquisition of payments provider Utrust. Faster, cheaper and more secure payments and transform payment processing services from a cost for merchants into an income stream.

6. LooksRare trying to dethrone OpenSea from the number one NFT market place after tops $110M in Ethereum NFT Trading in one day

7. Disney has been approved for a patent that would create personalized interactive attractions for theme park visitors. The technology would facilitate headset-free augmented reality (AR) attractions at Disney theme parks.

8. Youtube is considering integrating NFTs so that content creators get paid what they deserve and create even stronger connections between fans and themselves.

9. Meta announces that the artificial intelligence supercomputer, Research SuperCluster, has become functional and is ranked in the top 5 fastest AI computers in the world. The RSC could be useful for managing malicious content and powerful enough to simultaneously translate speech for a large group of people who each speak a different language.  RSC will enable new AI models that can learn from trillions of examples, understand hundreds of languages and more.

10. Intel will unveil a new energy efficient ASIC, about 15% less, at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) starting February 20.

11. Rio de Janeiro mayor Eduardo Paes shared his plans to invest 1% of the city’s treasury in crypto. Also, his taking into consideration to offer benefits for those who will chose to pay taxes with crypto.

12. Tonga wants to follow El Salvador, on becoming the second nation who’s making Bitcoin legal tender.

13. Belgian MP to become first European politician to accept salary in bitcoin. EUR 5,500 to be converted to BTC via Bit4you.

Together with other colleagues, on 4 December, we published our first article about the Stakeborg DAO community. It was the first Daily Review in which we wrote about the events of the last 24 hours on Discord. Since then we have been publishing daily and have been constantly improving. In the meantime Weekly Reviews have been added to our diary and today we have published the first Monthly Review in what we hope will be a long-running series.

Friday the 4th of January marks 2 months since we started this project and I’m already looking forward to our 2 year anniversary. Thanks to the team who dedicate their time and ingenuity to this project under the motto that guides us all:

“One for all and all for DAO”

Made with ❤ by The DAO Insider Team


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