Stakeborg DAO Community Weekly Reviews – #W04 24-30 January 2022 ENG

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Greetings StakeborgDAO Community! Welcome back to another weekly round-up of our activity.


This week we found out 3 of the 4 ACES. We will have the chance to listen to each one in the near future.

The first one was Dean Tribble, CEO of Agoric, and the interview with Vlad is live. You can listen here the
perspective of a true web 3.0 builder.

Joey Krug, CO-CIO at Pantera Capital and the co-founder at AugurProject will be the second guest at StakeborgDAO Talks. The interview will be live today at 19:00 CET.

Twitter round-up

Here we see why many of us will choose working for a DAO in the future:

Why education is key into building our “digital colony” check out the full thread:

A hint for a successful SubDAO:

About the new way of how the economy will work in web3:

B2B will be changed in D2D:

How Tom Bilyeu motivated Vlad to continue building greater things after their interview:

Community Highlights

@ostanescu and @andrewf12 served us the first part of a series about the importance of budgeting.

We are many. And different. @BLaZQue is one of many who broke the ice and presented himself. Don’t forget you can do it too on our Community Stories section on

The community created a new guild called Crypto Resources where everyone is invited to add sources of information that can be useful for others. For the moment there are 7 subforums: DeFi, Newsletters, Podcasts, News Outlets, Charting, NFTs and Useful Websites.

As a heads-up there’s a new channel on the discord server where we can track the prices of both $Standard and ILSI live:

You can check out our “twitter-gang” – a thread on our discord server where we share our twitter handle and we follow each other with the scope to increase awareness of our DAO. Add yours there:

Last evening, there was the largest StakeborgDAO community gathering so far with over 35 members. Soon, we’ll need to find larger places for our meet-ups. One for all and all for DAO!

In retrospective

If you missed the interview with Diran Li from Messari, this it’s a must-watch:

“People’s choices are subjective, and so there is no “right” and “wrong” choice of money. There are, however, consequences to choices.”

Saifedean Ammous

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