The Dao Insider Community Daily Review – 21 Martie 2022

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Salutare comunitate!



CWR #15: Continua exchange outflows. FED, reglementari, Aave v3 si runde de investitii. $APE Coin

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The Crypto Insider Report

#117: Ce cred despre $APE

Community Highlights:

Colegii de la Community Talks au inceput sa publice un mic rezumat al discutiior avute pentru cine nu are timp sa asculte toata inregistrarea.

Un articol ce inițial a fost scris cu scopul de a participa la selectia pentru revista Capital unde Serban a lucrat împreună cu NIRV4N4 pentru a explica cat mai simplu pentru ce suntem aici si de ce.
Stupul Stakeborg DAO!!


Remember: Avem Community Talks #9 astazi la ora 20:30 dupa It’s NFTime


Daca tot suntem pe tema APEcoin va las si ultimul episod de la Zeneca.

0:00 Intro
2:29 Big news for BAYC – Apecoin is finally out!
5:50 15% of supply going to the holders
9:34 How this is different from SOS/GAS
13:03 Specific allocation for holders & price
14:45 Someone borrowing Apes and claiming Apecoin
17:55 Holding or taking profits?
21:00 Tax implications
24:40 What about the other 85% of the supply?
34:20 Yuga Labs building their own marketplace?
38:30 Staking in the BAYC ecosystem
44:20 Recap: Yuga Labs buying IP of Cryptopunks and Meebits
50:10 Art Blocks updates
55:11 Memories of Qilin by Emily Xie
1:01:38 Jaime’s transition into a digital art collector
1:09:02 Getting back into creating art
1:14:35 Let’s play – What am I thinking!
1:18:05 Outro


  1. What Is the MetaMask DAO and Token? mentionat de Matei.
  2. Cryptocurrency-crypto-guide from The Times mentionat de DubleDe.

Most people think it’s all about the idea.


Everyone has ideas … The hard part is to execute on the idea.

Mark Cuban

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