The DAO Insider Community Mid-Week Review – #W05 31 – 02 February 2022 ENG

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Welcome back to our mid-week review! Let’s see what happened in the last couple days for StakeborgDAO.

First of all, we roll up or sleeves and see that we have 4 of a kind in our hands. We found out that the last ACE is the one and only Haseeb Quershi, managing partner at Dragonfly Capital. If you don’t know him, you’ll have the chance to know him better at the #StakeborgDAOTalks very soon. Until then, you can watch and learn from the other ACEs on the Stakeborg channel. The last interview with Joey Krug it’s a must-see.

January is over and that means we just published our first monthly review. If you haven’t seen yet, please take a minute and have a look here. And yes, maybe you noticed or not, but we have a new name. We got inspired from our parent The Crypto Insider Newsletter (by the way, if you didn’t subscribe yet please do so, you’ll thank me later). And from now on you can also follow The DAO Insider on our twitter page here.

Another major update is that we have already 900k $STANDARD staked. That means we’re very close to mark the activation of the DAO. I’m waiting for it more than my birthday. Honestly.

Twitter round-up:

How to find the sweet spot? Check this thread below:

What are the challenges a DAO face? (check the report from @votewithtally, it’s really good)
Something is cooking:

Community Highlights:

On Discord, @Kalladin invites us to check out This week in DAOs, a cool thread that helps you to be up to date with what’s happening in the DAO world.

Everyone is dreaming about working full-time in web3. Kalladin also shares an article about how DAOs will change the future of work and how us as individuals can start building our careers here.

@ShinmenTakezo also shares a thread from Samantha Marin, builder at @BanklessWriters. How cool will be to have mandatory paid week-off for the most active members of the DAO? Well that’s happening at the @BanklessDAO.

In retrospective:

Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for.

Mark Manson

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