The DAO Insider Community Mid-Week Review – #W06 07 – 09 February 2022 ENG

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Stakeborg DAO:

Welcome back to our mid-week review! We are very close to the DAO activation, 991,492.87 $STANDARD being already staked (at time of writing). The countdown has begun!

$STANDARD is down 2.15% in the last 24 hours and 1.81% down in the last 7 days, currently trading at $12.54 and a market cap above $16.5M.

$ILSI is following the market trend, trading at $99.68, up 3.40% in the last 24 hours and up 4.02% compared to the previous week, holding strong a market cap above $2.5M.

Twitter Round-Up

After The Community Talks #4 – Girls Powa’ I believe it’s only fair to start this section with the following tweet (#StakeborgDAOisinclusive):

Evelyne brings to our attention the new format of The Crypto Insider Report. I highly recommend you to subscribe it. Bear in mind, The Crypto Insider Pro (Romanian version) is the only newsletter in top 10 on Substack, that is not written in English. Probably Nothing!

Stakeborg DAO weekly updates: We’re soon going to celebrate 5k members on our discord server. Don’t be shy, join us, you’ll find a smart and straight-forward community. #let’sbuidltogether

A very insightful article about how to establish healthy relationships within a DAO:

Community Headlines

RaluW decided to bring a spark in community by sharing with us the events she is grateful for for the day just passed. Thank you! You are an inspiration for us all.

@ostanescu started a conversation about his future plans. I let you dive into the story here, as it’s to deep to be spoiled. Good luck, Octav! I’m very happy you feel comfortable to bring important personal matters into discussion here. That says a lot about your confidence in your colony mates.

The last meeting regarding the Poker tournament concluded Wednesday, February 9. You can see the learning points here. I have a feeling that this initiative will grow to become a tell worth spreading.

Ioan | Mod is sharing with us a useful tool that tracks the price of $ILSI in comparison to $BTC and $ETH.


Speculations about the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock preparing to offer crypto trading services to its investors were highlighted in the news today.

After last week we have seen the news about the potential commercial agreement between Tezos and Manchester United, this week we see Terra and the MLB team The Washington Nationals signing a $38.15M partnership Deal. Although partnerships between crypto companies and sports team were established before, the novelty here is that Terra will be the first DAO to do so.

Russia’s internal discussions are moving in a positive direction for the future of cryptocurrencies and it’s expected that on February 18th we will see a new legislation draft or modification of existing laws, to recognize crypto as a form of currency.

Aave launches Lens Protocol ecosystem on Polygon, a web 3 social media platform where users will have the choice on how, when and by whom their content will be used. The profile will be a fully composable NFT and it will be linked to creator’s wallet who will be able to monetize their data.

El Salvador’s first bitcoin bond plans got into a straight line, its issuance being scheduled between March 15 and March 20, according to finance minister, Alejandro Zelaya.


In the last The Stakeborg DAO Talks we could see Haseeb Qureshi from Dragonfly Capital. I would strongly suggest you to see the entire podcast, but especially the Hasseb’s personal manifesto from 2016.

One is too small of a number to achieve greatness

John C. Maxwell

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  1. Well done! I took a long break from reading news of any kind and I might start again just with reading the DAO Insider! I think you guys are getting better and better at this

    1. Hi Eugen. Thanks for the feedback. please tell me how did you find the news section? Too long, too short, the news were fresh and interesting enough, how attractive was the format ? If there would be a dedicated news department, would you read news more often? What can we improve?

      1. I like the news format. They capture the essence in just a few words. I think the 5 most interesting headlines of the past few days are enough, more than that would be too much imo. I also enjoy reading crypto news among DAO news, I would rather read them in the same place like they are now than in separate articles.

        For now I wouldn’t change anything. I like the way it is.