The DAO Insider Community Mid-Week Review – #W07 14 – 16 February 2022 ENG

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Stakeborg DAO:

This week was the big Week. DAO has been activated. It took 112 days, or 16 weeks. This means 30.68% of a common year. And loads happened in our community in the meantime. We have more than 2 thirds left until we will celebrate the first anniversary. Let’s use it wisely.

$STANDARD is up 11.97% in the last 24 hours and -0.4% down in the last 7 days, currently trading at $12.47 and a marketcap of $17.9M

$ILSI is up 1.29% in the last 24 hours and -6.3% down in the last 7 days, currently trading at $93.86 and a marketcap of $2.4M

Twitter Round-up

Indeed, a paradigm shift it will sound scary for some, uncomfortable for others. But it’s here to stay and we will all have to choose, sooner or later. Whether you’re a native leader, or prefer to work at your own pace, join a project and start #buidl with others.

Developing strategies to manage a DAO’s treasury must be one of the main focus to ensure long term stability, talent acquisition, development and retention to develop top services.

#DAO is activated. Let’s take a brake to celebrate and get ready for the long journey ahead of us. Are you ready?

@dublude’s vision about how to celebrate the activation day it’s speechless, not only showing the road to one million, but what we truly achieved on the way. A great community, dedicated people, new lifetime friendships living and breathing the #OneForAllAndAllForDAO principle.

Community Report – the 3rd edition it’s out…and it cool. You don’t want to miss it.

We’re still early.

Community Headlines

Razpavo reiterates the importance of security of digital assets and privacy of digital identity, inspired by an episode from Deplhi Podcast.

@andreiv shared an article related to various levels of engagement in a DAO. Not only that the article is a great read, but the conversation generated after it’s very deep and thoughtful. I recommend you not only to read it, but to participate in the conversation. After all that is the main purpose of #sub-dao-talks channel on our discord server.

@ostanescu invites the colonists from the Netherlands to write in history the first IRLM

The ILSI/ETH LP has been extended by 12 weeks with a reward distriburion of 4000 STANDARD/week. Below you can see the logic behind it (translation from Romanian by @ostanescu)

“For the new ILSI/ETH LP the rewards are 4.000 Standard per week.
Why the drop? There are some arguments that sustain this decision.
There are currently 4.500.000 USD in the pool. For comparison, MetaVerse Index (MVI), with a market cap of 31.000.000 USDT has just 1 million, and DPI with a market cap 40x greater than IlSI’s, has just 40% more liquidity in the Uniswap pool.
There is also the topic called mercenary capital, those who sell every week the rewards, pushing the offer significantly over the demand that can be generated at this point.
The issue is not the dropping in price (it’s a good opportunity for new people to buy-in at decent rates) but that the profits go to some individuals that are not interested in what StakeborgDAO does.
Another aspect, linked to the previous, refers to proper management of tokens. 4% per week means a 3 numbers APR. It’s desirable to spread the tokens into the market, but not irrationally.
How it came down to 4000?
Below you can find the final simulation, based on which the prospects for the next 3 months can be observed.

In the first column, you can see the price of Standard (because the WAY is calculated vs. Standard’s price in dollars), and on the row you can see the possible liquidity.
On the diagonal is the WAY. Thus: if there is a liquidity of 4.7 million and the price of Standard is 12.11, ILSI/ETH’s WAY becomes 1%. Same, if Standard’s price is 25 USD and there is 2 million in liquidity the WAY would be 5%.
The last argument is that a new index will be launched in the next period, and this will require its own pool and liquidity.
The 12 weeks were decided as the supply is still low and quite condensed (a maturity level is expected around 10%) and this might favor swings that will force liquidity volatility, reducing the predictability.
To sum up, the decision of reducing the rewards, is based on the necessity of limiting mercenary capital and maintaining a decent liquidity for the ILSI/ETH pool so that smaller investors can buy with a lower spread.”

London Metup #3 was only a success. and it could have not been different when the one and only Vlad Mercori joined us with positive Vibes #OneForAllAndAllForDAO.


Super Bowl 2022 have seen for the first time Crypto ads from the major industry players. Coinbase crashed temporarily after their add coupled with their onboarding offer of $15 in BTC generated a large influx on their platform.

For the first time digital assets in form of NFTs were seized by the UK tax authority HMRC as part of a VAT fraud case.

Marshall Islands gets its place in history by being the first state recognising the DAOs as legal entities.

Web 3 is appealing and this is confirmed by the market players that are testing the terrain to ensure they do not miss the opportunity. JPMorgan becomes the first major bank in the Metaverse you can read their impressions in the report they have issued. in the same time Disney appoints Mike White as Vice President of Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences department.

Some people are just NGMI. One of the blockchain beauties is the transparency.


Now that the DAO is activated, it’s time for all of us to educate ourselves. This is the only way we can grow our digital colony and thrive beyond anything we can imagine today. The DAO miniseries of Brave New Work Podcast is a good starting point. I recommend you to listen to episodes 105, 106 and 107. They are great resources. Dive in by clicking the link below

Brave New Work Podcast

I can’t tell you everything. But if you want to make history, you gotta’ call your own shots.

Lebron James

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  1. Great as always! I can see your energy and dedication behind each phrase.

    There’s only one thing I would add for now: the percentage of staked standard out of the circulating supply. I would like to be able to keep track of this while reading the weekly review