The DAO Insider Community Mid-Week Review – #W08 21 – 23 February 2022 ENG

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The moment I publish this, the war has started in Ukraine. Keep in mind that the lives of hundreds of thousands people are more important than our internet money. Try to be safe and calm in these harsh moments and let’s pray for all the soldiers that are involved in this puppet show.

Stakeborg DAO

Some data, market is still on a downtrend, affected by all the public news and the upcoming war in UKraine. Almost 1000 holders on Standard token.

Just a quick reminder, Whitepaper 1.1 has been released. We start builduing on Agora, if you didn’t create your account there yet, you should do that.

Our newly Crypto Insider Report has an audio version available on Spotify.

The 5th volume of #StakeborgDAOCommunityReport is out!

Twitter Round-Up

Some tweets from the last couple days:

About different types of knowledge:

A nice explication on DeFi 2.0 :

Community Headlines

Another claim from Airdrop 2.

We will have the first Stakeborg Quiz game today, at 7:30 EET on the dedicated #quiz-me channel. The theme will be “Whitepaper 1.1.” but will also include questions on general knowledge and crypto topics.

Area 51% XYZ has been revealed on Discord. The community shares their working projects and you can join too.

A new NFT collection made by our community will be released very soon. Stay in touch with us for more details!

Last night, there was a massive gathering at Iasi with the team. We’re waiting for the community feedback and some photos on the #irlm channel.


All markets are affected after Russia attacks Ukraine

Canadian Regulator Flags Kraken, Coinbase CEO Tweets to Law Enforcement

Gunnercooke, a law firm based in the UK, has started accepting cryptocurrency as payment for its services.

At this year’s International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), Intel shared tech details for its first-generation “Bonanza Mine” (BMZ1) blockchain accelerator chip.

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