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Stakeborg DAO

Initially, I was planning to keep this space for a different text, then I’ve seen the 3rd tweet from the Twitter Round-up section and I planned to write a short summary. As I am not smart enough to write meaningful paragraphs using less words, I generated the text below. Only when I’ve finished it I realised that this is the best place to display it, as it perfectly describes the ethos of our community. I didn’t wanted to alter the original text, therefore I copied it here.

“When I’ve seen the tweet below, my mind went to KPMG Canada’s acquisition of World of Women NFT – Woman #2681 on February 15th . The purchase was not only a statement reflecting the importance of emerging NFT market, but also supporting collection’s NFT mission: “a community celebrating representation, inclusivity and equal opportunities for for all. As I’ve said above, KPMG’s purchase took place on February 15th, Stakeborg DAOs Community Talks #4, Girls Powa’ edition happened on February 8th, and this was preceded by the discussions around inclusiveness started a week before in the 3rd edition. There are two conclusions that I would like to highlight: First one is that two of the best qualities of Stakeborg DAO are the inclusiveness and the ability to identify community’s needs and act fast. The second one is that if in the classic economy the decision making system based on hierarchies and budgets can make the process sluggish, whereas in web 3 and DAOs will be smooth and fast, snap and smart decisions leading to lightning speed exponential growth of the industry. #OneForAllAndAllForDao”

Price Action

The Stakeborg DAO ($STANDARD) price today is $6.03 with a 24-hour trading volume of $380,518. Stakeborg Dao is down 4.71%% in the last 24 hours and down 17.5% in the last 7 days. It’s current circulating supply is 2.05M and a maximum supply of 20M. The current market cap of Stakeborg Dao is $12.15M.

The Invest Like Stakeborg Index ($ILSI) price today is $85.68with a 24-hour trading volume of $29,349. $ILSI is up 1.36% in the last 24 hours and down 4.9% in the last 7 days. It’s current circulating supply is $21,890. The current market cap of $ILSI is $2.015M.

Twitter Round-up

Stakeborg DAO Community Report got to the 6th count and, as usual, contains some food for thought.

Web 3 will be the home for the upcoming generations and DAOs will be their offices. Whether one will contribute to one or more DAOs, the tweet below it’s analysing the importance of talent retention. Give it a good read, then “contribute” with your opinion.

We have the opportunity to build from scratch, as long as we stay true to the web 3’s core values.

This tweet reminds me very much of the beginning of community coagulation in the first days of DAO. Although we were united by the educational products delivered by Stakeborg Team, we only started to feel together when the recreational conversations started on the discord server. Those talks slowly led to teams delivering projects, people gathering in IRLMs, lifetime friendships tied with likeminded people.

@matei and @shinmentakezo are starting their first show, Daonauts. These two bright lads will set a new standard in Web 3 education. Mark my word.

Indeed 2022 seems to be the year of DAO. However, loads will miss the first train and will embark later. Which is not wrong…because will give each of you that is already here the chance to be an f**kin’ OG. Don’t procrastinate. Start #buidl!

Community Headlines

Etf_dao and RazvanIS planted the Stakeborg DAO irlm flag on the US. They were not alone the meeting being enriched by the presence of Alina and Adina. You can see the full story here.

Last week, our colleague @karoly started a personal mission to help as many people affected by the Russian war in Ukraine. The community quickly assembled and started supporting him with direct donations. Furthermore, the weekly poker tournament was named “Karoly Special” and was quite an event with a special distribution and an explosive final. If curious about it, you can learn more here.

Richie J Mason, the artist behind the Bored apes, Set in Stone collection reached out on our discord server, offering 10 white list spots for his new project, Anubis Rebel Club. The white list spots may have been fulfilled by now, but it worth having a look at the project and the community building around it.

Stakeborg DAO’s Agora is live and busy, @JuL, @kalladin and @mihnea already lining down their ideas for debate. The community is moving fast too, contributing with suggestions in the comment section.

@1johnny brings to our attention that Brave Browser it’s launching Brave Wallet and the event is celebrated with a week full of giveaways. You can find more details here.

@eugenptr squeezed @matei for resources DAO related. The result was juicy. Convince yourself, it’s all here.


Adobe’s Behance platform adds support for Solana NFTs integration. Behance is the world’s largest creative network for showcasing and discovering creative work.

FTX will expand its operations in Europe. The new branch that will serve European and Middle East markets its named FTX Europe and it will be subject to the Cyprus Financial Market Regulators (CySEC). The full article can be read here.

International Women’s Day has been celebrated in Style in the crypto universe. Sandbox offers a $25M grant to NFT community World of Women partnering to launch the WoW foundation to support the increase of female presence in the industry. The entire article can be read here.

The Philippines are rolling out a pilot CBDC implementation program. The benefits and the risks of CBDC’s were addressed by The BSP Governor Benjamin E. Diokno. The full speech can be seen in this press release.

The U.S. are launching an executive order on crypto. The executive order does not lay out specific positions and tasks, but does directs federal agencies to monitor the digital sector and to improve the communications in relation with their findings, to help towards drafting crypto regulations.


A very easy to follow, yet comprehensive material about Web 3.0 and its future

Today is a new day.

Remind yourself to be bold, be smart, be intrusive, smash the walls, get the shit done, be ruthless…

…be all of the above while you’re caring, loving, patient, compassionate, courageous, trustworthy, helpful, generous, responsible, confident.

Be yourself, but be happy!

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