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In case you were too busy to stay up to date with all that’s happening in our community, don’t worry – we got you covered.

We have prepared a full recap of the first part of the week, which you can find below!

As always, we would love to hear your feedback and suggestions in the comments section!

Let’s dive in!


A lot has happened in the community these days :

Stakeborg team announced a new advisor from the big Team. Tim Papandreou was Head of strategic partnerships of Google X and Waymo. Google X are Google’s semi-secret labs, a division founded in 2010. Their first project was Waymo, Google’s self-driving car. He co-founded City Innovate, a platform dedicated to the smart city concept, with the role of connecting governments and start-ups to accelerate technology adoption. He was also Chief Innovation Officer for the San Francisco transportation agency and currently works for various governments and agencies. When he’s not talking about mobility, Tim is in charge of strategic partnerships for Monaco Foundry, a fund investing in innovative technologies such as Microbiome synthetic molecules, Biotech muscle recovery or Next-generation DNA sequencing. Beyond the fact that Tim is considered one of the world’s leading experts on the future of mobility and automation, the fact that he is passionate about everything that is happening in the Web3 area and brings his energy and know-how here with us is an extremely important step for the future we have designed around the Stakeborg ecosystem.

Let’s welcome Tim into the community and wish him much success with us!

Another major update is about the Airdrop #3 details.

A. The Snapshot will take place on June 15(this means that the required 2 months of having $STANDARD staked will begin on April 15) B. In order for airdrop #3 to begin, a minimum of 2 out of the 3 KPIs set will need to be met before June 15, namely:

All the details about the KPI’s can be found here :

Price Action

Another update is that StakeborgDAO is now listen on

The Stakeborg DAO Talks

Last Vlad hosted Amy Wu, from FTX Ventures, on The Stakeborg DAO Talks. Amy recently joined FTX Ventures, to lead it’s $2 billion dollar crypto fund.

In case you missed the episode, and you are interested in finding out more, here’s the discussion between “two fellow apes”:

DAOs become mainstream and they will change how employment looks in web3 I Amy Wu @FTX

Twitter Round-up

Community Headlines

The Onboarding Team has just shared the community thoughts and suggestions on the onboarding vision, mission and values of our StakeborgDAO community on Agora. We invite you to read and join the discussions on Agora. They incorporated some of the dteas that emerged from the discussions in a second version of the proposal that you can’t find below. We have time until Friday, April 8 !

Crypto News

Avalanche Foundation Launches Multiverse – an up to $290M Incentive Program to Accelerate Growth of New Internet of Subnets

Ronin Bridge – Hacked For Over $600 Million In Crypto

UK Government – sets out plan to make UK a global cryptoasset technology hub

Britain announces plans to mint its own NFT as it looks to ‘lead the way’ in crypto

SEC explores segregating businesses at crypto exchanges


DAOnauts #2: The KPI dilemma, Fair Compensation & Leadership in DAOs

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Michael Jordan

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