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In case you were too busy to stay up to date with all that’s happening in our community, don’t worry – we got you covered.

We have prepared a full recap of the first part of the week, which you can find below!

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🆕 DAOX Index is on!

Because 2022 is recognized as the year of DAOs, Stakeborg launched their second index called DAOX and it contains the following 12 tokens:

1. Uniswap (15%) 2. Aave (15%) 3. ApeCoin (15%) 4. BitDAO (14%) 5. ENS (8%) 6. Yield Guild Games (7%) 7. Radicle (6%) 8. Aragon (6%) 9. Gitcoin (4%) 10. Badger DAO (4%) 11. Friends With Benefits (3%) 12. Stakeborg DAO (3%)

On 12.04.2022 Epoch 0 for ETH/DAOx liquidity just started, Epoch 0 will not record rewards in STANDARD, they will begin in epoch 1.

You can find all the details about the projects, the inclusion criteria, the methodoloy and the allocation percentages on both StakeborgDAO and TokenSets websites :

🪂 AIRDROP 3 Details

A. The Snapshot will take place on June 15(this means that the required 2 months of having $STANDARD staked will begin on April 15) B. In order for airdrop #3 to begin, a minimum of 2 out of the 3 KPIs set will need to be met before June 15, namely:

All the details about the KPI’s can be found here :

🆕 ILSI Updates – Welcome $APE and $YFI

The first rebalance of ILSI has happened and it came as part of the index maintenance, which consists of two phases. First is the evaluation phase which nets out any changes to the current portfolio’s composition. The second phase is the rebalancing phase, which adjusts the portfolio’s composition to closely track the ILSI Index.

The first maintenance resulted in changes to the index composition. Thus, $APE and $YFI were added to the ILSI Index, while $ENJ and $BOND were taken out.

TokenSets page:

Twitter Round-up

Community Headlines

Everyday we have a new topic to discuss on #random-talkUS channel. Today’s topic is: Name your favourite food, then name a food that intrigue you the most, and why?

We invite you to share your fav meal and have some fun on our Discord!

We have a new article on entitled Everything you know about NFTs is wrong , written by @MEANiX . Go through it and you will understand better what NFTs are and what impact they will have in the future:

Crypto News

Bitcoin, ethereum, Ripple XRP, Solana and Cardano prices plunge in $250 billion crypto crash

Celsius Bans New Transfers by US Nonaccredited Investors From Earning Crypto Rewards

Philippines Shows Promise of Crypto Payments in Developing Countries

Twitter investor sues Elon Musk for failure to promptly disclose his shares


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Michael Jordan

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