The DAO Insider Community Mid-Week Review – #W16 18 – 20 April 2022

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Here are the most interesting headlines of first half of the week. Enjoy it!


DAO Gouvernance Info

On Monday we received the announcement that Rodrigo Gordillo, an expert in adaptive asset allocation and investing joins us as an advisor!:

Starting from Tuesday, $STANDARD rewards can be earned by LP providers of the DAOX pool. Epoch 1 is Live:


On Youtube, we had DAOnauts #6: On decentralized decision making and on-chain governance, where Alex and Matei have approached subjects like Decentralized decision-making, Voting in Web3, Proposals overview, and more:


Community Highlights:

One of our community members, @kachow (MEANiX) has wrote an great article, posted on CoinDesk, around the possibility of getting a refund on minted NFTs, by using a concept named ERC-721R.

Last night, was a lot of fun on our discord channel, more precisely because we had, StakeborgDAO Quiz #7 Travel Edition. Congratulation Mihai for you victory 🏆


Our recommendation this week is to read/listen the great discussion between @naval,@hosseeb and @VitalikButerin.
The interview is spited in 2 parts and it can access it from here: Part 1 , Part 2.

I think Web3 is not only better for the world, but it’s also going to beat Web2. It’s going to be more popular because the people get really excited when they actually get to participate.

Chris Dixon

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