The DAO Insider Community Monthly Review – February 2022

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Welcome to our Monthly Review on StakeborgDAO!

We’ve had a very eventful month, probably the most eventful one since the inception of StakeborgDAO and hopefully not as eventful as the many more months to come. From the DAO Governance Activation to the whitepaper 1.1 version and all the crazy good StakeborgDAO Talks episodes released this month, stick with us to the end to get a feel of what a nice community we are building here.


DAO Governance Info

As of 1st of March 2022:

  • We’ve passed over the 1000 holders milestone. 🥳
  • $STANDARD circulating supply is over 1.7 M, with a MCap of almost $14 M and a price of 7.81$
  • $ILSI total supply is at a little over 24 K, with a MCap of $2.3 M and a price of 97.95 $
  • APRs are still looking solid:
    • Governance Staking APR 104.2%
    • USDC LP Staking APR 188.4 %
    • ILSI ETH LP Staking APR 46.8%
  • TVL in all DAO contracts is at a bit under $20 M
  • Our Discord Community has grown to 4.74 K members and the DAO Twitter is at 4.4 K followers and growing!

With all these numbers out of the way let’s get to the juicy parts of this months review. DAO Governance Activation took place this month as the total staked $STANDARD passed the 1 million threshold. Therefore proposals can be submitted for debate, vote and implementation. With this purpose in mind the Stakeborg DAO Governance procedure has been published and the Agora formal discussion forum has been implemented. So far, no proposals have been submitted but we are getting the feeling that some brave contributors are about to do so.

As if this wasn’t enough of big news the Whitepaper 1.1 has been released. The new Whitepaper includes info about DAO, sub-DAOs and Guilds. Furthermore it outlines the Ambassadors Program and a brief intro on “What’s next?” for our DAO. Make sure you read it thoroughly.

The ETH / ILSI SUSHI LP was prolonged for another 12 epochs with a decrease in rewards to 4000 $STANDARD / epoch. We’re currently on epoch 3 and the WAY (Weekly Average Yield) is at 0.9%

The StakeborgDAO Quarterly Report also has been released at the beginning of this month.


The Stakeborg Youtube channel just surpassed 20.000,00 subscribers this week!

That’s insane and we want to give another S/O to this community!

If you haven’t heard of The Stakeborg DAO Talks – here’s the full playlist with guests like Vitalik Buterin, Raul Pal, Tom Bilyeu and many other top class speakers.

This month we had two great, great, guests to The StakeborgDAO Talks. On the 3th of February it was released the one with Avichal Garg. Avichal strikes you with his clarity of mind. No matter the topic, he comes with some brilliant insights. Check out the video to find out about the transition from web2.0 to web3.0 or if Ethereum will continue to dominate DeFi and many more.

On the second episode titled “The power of EFFECTIVE ALTRUISM. Top Poker Player turned world-class crypto VC” we find that Haseeb is a genuine guy who had a very interesting and intense life. Wath the video to find about Haseeb’s take on similarities between poker and crypto or if 2022 is the year for Metaverse or for DAOs among others.


The Crypto Insider Report

Starting with the issue #18 of The Crypto Insider Report has been revamped to offer more valuable and insightful info. Therefore Evelyne, Mihnea, Cosmin and Razvan each have their own section on this new version of the newsletter. Although this writer’s personal favorite so far has been the Veve trilogy written by Cosmin, we strongly recommend you find yourself the time to read them all from top to bottom as they give a very good view on what’s happening in this fast moving crypto world. Check it out here.

Community Highlights:

This month, a fairly large activity could be noticed on the xyz platform, many people writing articles on various topics. We had about 15 new articles posted on xyz plus some Community Stories. If you haven’t read them, you can start here.

This month also saw at first a test of the Poker Championship, which was just the beginning of a regular activity inside the community.

It was also founded the DAO Runners Club, where members of the community encourage eachother to do sports and run together. You can join the group here.

We had 4 Community Talks hosted by @jenny and @vru, where many interesting topics were discussed. The first one was CT #3 with AndreiV and Kalladin; CT #4 – Girls’ Powa’, then CT #5 with EugenPtr and MAC. Also, many of us updated our xyz profiles with ETH addresses, without knowing exactly the reason for which we were advised to do so, but only that we were to find out in CT #6 – Area 51: Projects Reveal. Now the projects are visible to each member of the community.

@RaluW continued to share with us the events she is grateful for, while @AndreiV took initiative and offered 30 minutes of his time to different members of the community, having 1 to 1 conversations with them about DAOs, Stakeborg and many more. You can still book one here.

This month took place the first Stakeborg Quiz  on the dedicated #quiz-me channel. The theme wss “Whitepaper 1.1.” but also there were included questions on general knowledge and crypto topics. If you didn’t attend to this one, don’t be sad! There will be another ones, maybe sooner than you think!

It was also a busy month in real life, many members of the community organized meet-ups and spent some time with their digital colony colleagues.

Here are some pictures:

The Dinner: – Bucharest, RO 02.02.2022:

London, UK 05.02.2022:

Cluj, RO 10.02.2022:

Bucharest, RO 13.02.2022:

London, UK 16.02.2022:

Arad, RO 17.02.2022:

 Amsterdam, NL 17.02.2022:

Brasov, RO 19.02.2022:

Timisoara, RO 22.02.2022:

Iasi, RO 23.02.2022:

Bucharest, RO 27.02.2022:

It feels really good to see so many different people being brought together for a common purpose, right?


This month have seen a high volatility on the markets, especially after the illegal invasion of Russian Troops into its neighbour country, Ukraine. Please take a time to pay respect for the Ukrainian People.

The investment giant BlackRock is due to offer its customers exposure to the crypto space through the Aladdin platform. More information to be disclosed at a later stage.

After we have seen the news about the potential commercial agreement between Tezos and Manchester United, this week we see Terra and the MLB team The Washington Nationals signing a $38.15M partnership Deal. Although partnerships between crypto companies and sports team were established before, the novelty here is that Terra will be the first DAO to do so.

Aave launches Lens Protocol ecosystem on Polygon, a web 3 social media platform where users will have the choice on how, when and by whom their content will be used. The profile will be a fully composable NFT and it will be linked to creator’s wallet who will be able to monetize their data.

El Salvador’s first bitcoin bond plans got into a straight line, its issuance being scheduled between March 15 and March 20, according to finance minister, Alejandro Zelaya.

Binance invests $200M in Forbes digital publication. The deal will benefit both organisations to spread integrate and spread WEB 3.0 Culture to the masses.

The Blockchain is here to stay! So are its products. The state of Wyooming has approved the first legally recognised DAOs in the US.

Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce platform it’s willing to Launch its own NFT Marketplace.

DAOs are believed to be the hot topic from 2022 onwards according to a large number of expert. Why is it so? I invite you to read this article about what these organisations are.

World is reacting to Ukraine’s needs and the Web 3.0 ethos is in plain sight, people around the world donating over $20M in crypto for the cause.

Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding

Albert Einstein

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