The DAO Insider Community Monthly Review – June 2022

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Hey crypto enthusiasts! This is our dao’s monthly review, where you can find our latest activities. Besides the fact that the market is still red, in this community fellas are acting quite odd. I say this because when the bear market comes, most of the individuals go offline on crypto, and vanish. Not these guys, they are still here, gathering around big events like Brand Minds, or The Stakeborg Talks season 2 ep. 03, organizing after irlm’s, building and debating, putting the roots to SFC(StakeborgDAO Financial Committee), flooding Twitter with podcasts, and many more. Right now they are acting on the second proposal on Agora, which refers to StakeborgDAO Ambassadors Program, guidance for future ambassadors 🔥🔥. If it caught your eye take a seat and read more about what we do here at StakeborgDAO.


📊 DAO Governance:

Let’s see some stats about our token and indexes.

Twitter spaces flood 💦

🎙 Besides the fact that we moved Community Talks on Twitter, and at the same time give birth to the DAOsphere, Matei and 1Johnny got used to spaces also. This month they hosted two spaces with mintkudosXYZ and parcelHQ.

🕓 Two hours prior to the second podcast hosted by this guys, a partnership annoucement was made. Kudos for the ones that made this possible!🎉

Youtube 📺

Vlad continues The Stakeborg Dao Talks series:

  1. This month’s podcasts start with Anthony Sassano, founder of ‘The Daily Gwei’ and co-founder of ETHHUB, a ‘real educator of the crypto space’. Friendly crypto chats with at least a bold guy that doesn’t shy away from calling a lot of hard stuff for what they are. Listen to the podcast here.
  2. Next guest was Pippa Malmgren. Former presidential advisor in the US, author, economist, tech entrepreneur, and many more. Priceless info and teachings got said, so good that the podcast stretched out so much, that it had to be divided into a first and second part.

Twitter Roundup 🐦🐦

The Crypto Insider Report 📰

Here you will find links to last month’s editions of our newsletter, The Crypto Insider Report.

📫 #35 About Writing NFTs & why big tech giants are losing talent to blockchain companies.

📫 #36 NFT Mass Adoption: Not Even Close. A New Crypto Bill.

📫 #37 DAO-to-DAO investments. The Smart Ape Watch

📫 #38 The Future of Crypto – Accommodation, Not Annihilation. Doodles 2.0: the Plan for Mass Adoption.

DAOnauts Journey👨‍🚀

Our DOAnauts Alex/Shinmen & Matei ventured into crypto journeys. We encourage you to join them so hop on board and fasten your seat belts.

📺 DAOnauts #11: Some relevant perspectives on the future of work!

📺 DAOnauts #12: SFC, DAOs as legal entities and news from the Web3 space!

📺 DAOs in Bear Markets, D2D relationships and News from the Web3 Space | DAOnauts #13

📺 Diving into Social Tokens and News from the Web3 Space | DAOnauts #14

Community Highlights🏋️‍♀️

🤝 Although the crypto market is in a turbulent stage and the overall mood is rather low, in the StakeborgDao community, June was about bonding and building. Starting with the 47th IRLM in Arad on June 3rd, 48th in Timisoara the very next day and continuing with a party hosted by the one and only @vru. The IRLM’s were fulfilling. Many were said, feedback was gathered. We learnt that we’re all driven by achieving the same goal and we are here to build “a DAO you cannot fuck with” but in the same time we are in a very incipient stage and many milestones are to be reached. The IRLM’s continued with a mega gathering in Bucharest around the Brand Minds 2022 event. The mood was best captured by StakeborgDAO’s travelling ambassador @ostanescu in this tweet. Next day we gathered for a very long IRLM split in Building and socialising sessions, event captured perfectly by @rbrt_phnx.

🎙 We also started to populate the twitter with another English based program called DAOsphere where @andr33a, @ralu, @gsping and @mtk are bringing into debate the human part of web3 journey. Over 2.5k people tuned in on first edition. You can do it too, the recording is still available on twitter for another week.

❎ StakeborgDAO’s first on-chain vote ever has been successful, both minimum quorum and minimum for votes being achieved. The success of the vote leads to validation of the StakeborgDAO Financial Committee (SFC) which will participate in the creation of a flawless funding system for the contributors seeking resources to develop their ideas. More about the SFC can be found on StakeborgDAO’s Community Compass.

Now, that the SFC season 0 is due to begin, a second proposal hit the Agora for public debate. This was initiated by endi and creates the landscape for what it takes to represent StakeborgDAO from an ambassador position. The proposal was a success, being viewed over 552 times and collecting 239 impressions and 56 replies.

🎉 And the month could only end how it started: another productive IRLM in Timisoara, the 49th, followed by a huge IRLM in Bucharest, where people gathered around the third edition of season 2 of The Stakeborg Talks where @ArsCrypto.eth had a great talk with Dragos Stanca and CRBL.

News 📰

🗞 HBAR foundation and Animoca Brands together with Polygon led a founding round, raising a total of $26 million for social token platform Calaxy. Find here more details about this deal and who Calaxy is.

🗞 Will FTX purchase Robinhood or is just a rumour? Time will tell.

🗞 Few hedge funds are putting pressure on USDT liquidity according to Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino.

🗞 The Austrian based crypto platform Bitpanda joins the tech companies club forced to lay-off staff. In order to survive the market conditions, their planned headcount will affect 270 people out of 1000. More information in their internal blog. However, not all companies are feeling the market pressure, some of them continuing their expansion. In this article from Decrypt, you can see who is firing and who is creating opportunities in industry.

🗞 The crypto lending platform BlockFi received the Money Services Licence issued by The State of Iowa, just 2 weeks after being fined by the same state’s regulators for offering and selling unregistered securities.

Desire is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want.

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