The Dao Insider Community Monthly Review – April 2022

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GM Colony

Let’s have a retrospective view of what happened in StakeborgDAO in April. 

We kept learning, building and contributing.


Our DAO has now 1148 holders. 889 of them are stackers too.

Here are some stats for Standard – ILSI – DAOX

This month we’ve been published on where you can find more info about the dao environment.

TCI Report

5 New TCI Report have been published this month. The team is doing a fantastic job.

#26 Wall Street has entered the crypto space. Vee Friends Series 2.

#27 Britain aims to become a global crypto-assets hub. Crypto is changing philanthropy.

#28 Stakeborg DAO’s First Community-built NFTs. a16z’s Chris Dixon Named as 2022’s Best VC Investor.

#29 Bitcoin as a Risk-On vs Risk-Off Asset. The Big Four on Track to Become Crypto and Blockchain Auditors

#30 BlackRock and Fidelity list blockchain ETFs . One step closer to a financial markets (r)evolution

Each Newsletter has an audio version also. You can listen to them here : 

New Index and ILSI update

DAOX – our second index launched this month. This index is focusing on the DAOs environment and gives you exposure on top tier DAOs. More details about its componence and how can you invest in it here – Learn about DAOx

The first rebalance of ILSI has happened and it came as part of the index maintenance, which consists of two phases. First is the evaluation phase which nets out any changes to the current portfolio’s composition. The second phase is the rebalancing phase, which adjusts the portfolio’s composition to closely track the ILSI Index.

The first maintenance resulted in changes to the index composition. Thus, $APE and $YFI were added to the ILSI Index, while $ENJ and $BOND were taken out.

New advisor

Rodrigo Gordillo, an expert in adaptive asset allocation and investing joins us as an advisor. 

Vlad just had an interview with Stakeborg’s new advisors. 

They had a down-to-earth discussion and they showed us why they are the best fit for Stakeborg and share a few of their plans for the future. 
Listen to it here –

StakeborgDAO Talks had a new guest, Mark Yusko

Put your money in the bank and it’s not yours anymore – CBDC is pure evil

Our DAONAUTS had 3 new episodes this month and the last one is this one. 

The Stakeborg Talks season 2 is about to start.

This time it will be a little different. The first 2 episodes will be recorded live in front of 127 people.

The event is now sold out. But stay close. There are a couple of giveaways coming soon.

Airdrop 3

As announced in the Whitepaper 1.1, the 3rd Airdrop has been announced.

Main points:

In order to qualify for the airdrop, you should have staked $Standard for at least 2 months by the 15th of June. You still have 5 days to meet this requirement, if you haven’t already done so.

In order for the airdrop to being, a minimum of 2 out of 3 KPIs have to be reached.

All Airdrop 3 details can be found here:



First article in Capital

This month we had our first article made by a community member Tesseract who was published in Capital publication. 

You too can participate with an article and be selected to represent the community. All you have to do is to write an article DAO-Web3-Crypto related. Publish it on and at the beginning of each month. We will vote the best fit for that month. 

MEANiX published an article in Coindesk

From that point, it got some traction and he hosted and Twitter space with the Developer behind de ERC 721R Standard. 

You can find it here:

Congrats MEANiX for your accomplishment. Can’t wait for your next articles and contributions in this Web3 space. GG

DAONAUTS Journey 5th Edition


Our first learning path has already had its 5th edition this Saturday. 

Matei gave us a new topic for discussion each week, some resources where we can research more about the topic, and even some questions that can help us write a better piece of content and have a more valuable discussion. 

The best part? 

Everyone can participate. Even as a listener. After that, you can contribute with your research and in no time you will learn a lot more about this Web3 Space.

Road to level 7 by MTK

One of our Airdrop 3 KPIs is about our contribution to the discord server. 

3% of members have to have at least level 7 which means 111 messages sent on the server. 

MTK came up with a #RoadtoLevel7 challenge. Where daily, he manages to post 2 new topics of discussion in Romania and English general chat. 

His consistency is on another level and we want to thank you for your incredible contribution. 

You rock. 

This entire community rocks.

Onboarding 2nd Proposal

The Onboarding team posted their 2nd proposal. The feedback period is already over but in case you haven’t read it yet. You can find it here

They will come up with the final version soon and announce when the changes will take place. 

Congrats Team.

DAOthon Movement

A new working group was created. @Mac hold a couple of talks regarding the DAOthon event and how this event can become a product of our DAO.

They have a short roadmap already where in the first weeks they are focusing on research and product development. 

Good luck guys. We are sure you will create an amazing product.

New discord roles

Andrei has been working on a discord bot that assigns the roles of Hodler, Staker, and Diamond Hands to each member of discord that has more than 10 $STANDARD. Hodler is for those who have the tokens in their wallet, Staker for the ones that staked their tokens, and Diamond Hands for the ones that have them locked for more than 30 days. Access the link below.

Get your Role

Community NFTs

Made by bring web3 team. The guys there gathered up and voluntarily launched an NFT project that rewards the members of the StakeborgDAO community(mint for free). We find this to be the definition of how work is done in a DAO. Different members each with their skill set, contribute how they can, for the good of the community. That’s how we started also, The Doa Insider team, and we encourage you to do the same. The DAO way.

More details here


Ethereum 2.0 – will come in a few months after June this year, most likely in Q3. – here

The Central African Republic Becomes Second Country to Adopt Bitcoin as Legal Tender – here

Ethereum Scaling Project Optimism Launches DAO, Plans to Airdrop OP Token – here

Elon Musk strikes deal to buy Twitter for $44bn – here

BAYC’s Otherside Land Sale: Everything You Need to Know – here

Instead of a final quote, we loved this post – maybe you will too.

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