The Dao Insider Community Monthly Review – March 2022

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GM Colony

How was your last month?

We felt like it’s been an entire year in just 31 days. Even the market felt a little bit like this.
The good news kept coming every day.
We’ll take a look at some of them in the final part.

On the last day of the month, Stakeborg Team comes with an amazing announcement.
Tim Papandreou is the new advisor the team told us about last week.
He is not only an advisor but a shareholder in Stakeborg which means he is really into what we are doing here and wants to be a part of it.

Vlad told us about his interaction with Tim and how a good fit he is for the new Stakeborg 2.0 team.

Before we dive in.
Tell us what you’ve been up to this month in the comment section. We’d love to hear it.

And now let’s talk about the DAO.


It’s been a tough period.
But we are already starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel since the market is up about 25% just last week. $Standard is up 65% from his All-time low registered this month.

Right now we have more holders daily. We are sitting at 1049 right now.

Some Standard and ILSI stats right here.

Vlad mentioned that we might see a new pair soon enough. Probably related to a new Index that will appear. Stay close to that announcement.

Community members have already posted 4 proposals in Agora.

The last one was just posted and it’s about the Onboarding Project that will help new members of the DAO or even some that are already part of it with guidance and a path to follow to find their place in the DAO or how they can contribute.

Read them here and leave some feedback.

Agora Proposals

Starting from this month we have an audio version for our free Newsletter The crypto Insider Report.

You can listen to it here:


A new series called DAONAUTS hosted by Matei and Alex have started and is already on episode number 3.

Watch them here: Watch DAONAUTS

Stakeborg DAO talks also have 4 new episodes where Vlad had again some very insightful conversations with his guests.

I am in CRYPTO because HISTORY is being written in front of our eyes | MARIA SHEN

I can do anything with my time but CRYPTO is what I choose to do | Scott Melker

DAOs are a new way of organizing labor | Celia Wan @Dragonfly Capital

DAOs become mainstream and they will change how employment looks in web3 I Amy Wu 

Twitter Round-Up

Vlad just posted a rewind for all 15 episodes of The StakeborgDAO Talks

Stakeborg just announced a new advisor
Welcome, Tim!

Tim Papandreou was Head of strategic partnerships of Google X and Waymo. Google X is Google’s semi-secret labs, a division founded in 2010. Their first project was Waymo, Google’s self-driving car. He co-founded City Innovate, a platform dedicated to the smart city concept, with the role of connecting governments and start-ups to accelerate technology adoption.
Beyond the fact that Tim is considered one of the world’s leading experts on the future of mobility and automation, the fact that he is passionate about everything that is happening in the Web3 area and brings his energy and know-how here with us is an extremely important step for the future we have designed around the Stakeborg ecosystem.

The Community Report is already on its 9th edition.

Some wisdom and how collectively is one of the keywords in Web 3.0

One of our favorite tweets from this month was this one

This announced our first 8 ambassadors.

They start their first 3 months in this role from 1st April.

Congrats guys and good luck in your new role.

And definitely, the event of the month was the first DAOThon.

Find more about it in the community highlights section.

Community Highlights:

IRL meetings kept happening and this time some of them turned into working sessions. Or how we like to call them DAOThon.

The first event of this kind took place in Cluj where some members from another city decided to take a trip. 

But this was not your typical ride. it was a 300km ride from Timișoara to Cluj Napoca. 

They stayed over the weekend and dedicated an entire day to the DAOThon.

Where they formed 3 work teams and start creating. 

You can find the entire story right here. 

Community Talks initiative just had its 10th edition!
Congrats @vru and @jenny for your hard work. You become better with every session. We love to see your evolution. Keep up the amazing work.

@DubluDe the genius behind the scenes made it possible to give every person that listens to at least 30 minutes of a Community Talk session to receive a POAP (Proof of Attendance) and they may be doing something with that later. Who knows :))

Our DAONAUTS and @mac came up with a learning opportunity for all of us.

Every week we will have a topic and a “homework” where we will have to research and explain something. Once we put all the information together we will post them in our community and help everyone with a more compact and easy way to learn something new about Web3 and DAOs.

Are you a writer? or do you just have a passion for that and you want to develop this skill?

Robert – @rbrt_phnx came up with an amazing opportunity where an article on a DAO or Web3 Theme can appear in a national read publication named Capital.

Thank to Robert, the Stakeborg DAO community has the chance to cover a 2-page article monthly in this publication.

The first article voted to appear was written by Tesseract and you can find it here.

Did anyone say DAO Summit?

I think Stakeborg team did a week ago where they ask for our help in developing the concept for our first DAO Summit.

Find the message here and if you have any idea just develop it there.

Although the chosen idea might be priceless.

It might reward you with 75 $Standard (cough cough)

It’s worth a shot.


  1. The hierarchy of the NFT space is once again changing thanks to Yuga Labs. They acquired the IP rights from Larva Labs for CryptoPunks and Meebits, launched ApeCoin, and announced its upcoming metaverse project. Read it here
  2. Bitcoin is often referred to as ‘digital gold’, perhaps this is because it is seen as a better store of value compared to its counterpart, gold. Do Kwon, co-founder, and CEO of TerraForm Labs makes the first move and chooses to have its reserve in bitcoin planning to acquire the equivalent of $10B.
  3. The Ronin network, an Ethereum-linked sidechain developed especially for Axie Infinity by its very creators, suffered the biggest hack until this date worth $625M.
  4. Leading NFT marketplace Opensea, confirmed that in April will integrate support for listing nfts minted on Solana. This will be the fourth blockchain, whose nft traders can buy and sell on OpenSea after Ethereum, Polygon, Klatyn.
  5. FTX the centralized exchange specialized in derivatives and leveraged product plans to expand in Europe. Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of the exchange saw an opportunity when Binance had to shut down all crypto derivatives products last year across Europe and made its smart move covering that part of the pie.

A busy mind can often rob you of peace of mind. The peace that we seek is not peace of mind, it’s peace from mind.



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