The Dao Insider Community Monthly Review – MAY 2022

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Gm StakeborgDAO community.
The past month has been a pretty unique one.

We had BTC at 26,7k
We had the biggest project crash in crypto’s history.
2 TST live editions. (The Stakeborg Talks season 2)
StakeborgDAO made an amazing partnership with digital.MOB

Let’s dive in.

Stakeborg DAO

Let’s see some data first.

$STANDARD circulating supply: 2,947,968 ;
$STANDARD market capitalization: $5,933,59;
Total value locked: $10,203,565.

StakeborgDAO Core Team is getting bigger.
This month our DAO made a partnership with digital.MOB. A software development company with significant contributions to many well-known crypto projects like Gnosis, Barnbridge, and Filecoin.

Find more about what we want to create together here

This month we had 5 events where our Core Team or Ambassadors or any StakeborgDAO member participated as Speakers, moderators, or just regular participants. We are proving more and more that We Are a DAO You Cannot F#ck with!

The events are Veecon, Blockchain Marathon, Banking 4.0, The Blockchain Day, StakeborgDAO x LigaECt.

Our first Proposal that will have an on-chain vote was published by matei. The proposal is about the StakeborgDAO Financial Committee.
The first Snapshot vote passed with a 100% approval rate.
More about this can be found here.

The Stakeborg Talks Season 2 started. We had 2 amazing live events and the first 2 episodes are out.

You can find them here:

TCI Report 

#31 Gucci to Start Accepting Crypto Payments. Binance: making amends in Europe

#32 Turbulent Markets Favor Resilient Projects. LUNA’s death spiral

#33 The Metaverse Race is getting Richer. Blockchain- the solution for supply chain disruptions.

#34 The Music NFTS. Move-to-earn: the next big thing in the gaming sector?


The StakeborgDAO Talks


DAOnauts #7: Understanding subDAOs and some updates from the Web 3 space

DAOnauts #8: Mental fitness in Web 3 and building during bear markets

DAOnauts #9: Networks, crypto networks, and culture

DAOnauts #10: DeSoc, SBTs, and the Metaverse

Twitter Roundup

Community Highlights

Bitcoin Pizza Day

Sunday, May 22 2022, marks the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day, the day 10,000 Bitcoins were exchanged for 2 pizzas. The Stakeborg community has prepared an awareness campaign, and with the involvement of @raluu, who was joined by @dublude@evegrigand @ioana, everything took shape. In addition, we have two prizes (both $ STANDARD and a subscription to the PRO newsletter), for the posts on Twitter that receive the highest engagement SUNDAY. Here are some of the tweets.

Community talks

Community talks, our podcast which reached a total of 17 episodes, some of them consisting of around three hours of fine talks, is moving from The Stage to Twitter Spaces. All of the 17 episodes are in the Romanian language but starting with Twitter we are going to host them in English.

A new DAO to DAO partnership has been made on the 4th of June. We are going to have a new poker tournament with our friend from BOTB.
More info about the event and how to enter can be found here

MTK kept his posting schedule with his #RoadToLevel7 where he brings up different subjects EVERY DAY. MTK is the definition of Consistency.

Keep up the amazing work!

Our Discord server has a new layout. The Onboarding team was implemented this month and together with this comes a new era for our discord. Where new members have an onboarding process and can select whether or not they want to see some categories.

Have you tried the onboarding process?


The market is down but the investments in Crypto Space stay consistent. A16Z just managed to raise a 4.5 Billion $ fund for Crypto.

Here is a list of some Crypto Funds to date.Amazing right? Time to build!

Veecon first edition took place this month also. We had 2 members there.

The Terra Ecosystem blew up and alongside it most of its investor’s money. They’ve already launched a Luna 2.0 token and gave it to some investors as an airdrop. You can find a brief story here:


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