The Dao Insider Community Weekly Review – #W05 01-06 February 2022

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First of all here are some numbers of StakeborgDAO ecosystem:

  • TVL: $23M+
  • Staking: $962.000+ Standard
  • Circulating Supply: $1,269,000+ Standard
  • TVL ILSI: $4,645,888+
  • ILSI Total Supply: $25,744

Social Media:

  • Twitter: 4.04k
  • Discord: 4.64k
  • Youtube: 20.3k

This week the team has released 3 reports:

The Crypto Inside Pro is now in top 10 paid newsletters Substack. And with this millstone was released the first fully original English version. Check it out :

On Youtube this week we had:

  • TST#10 with Avichal Garg – Electric Capital:

  • TST#11 with Haseeb Quareshi:

The four of a kind hand was shown off. We should keep an eye on coming twitter announcements:

Community Highlights:

A NFT collection was released inside our community. The selling price is decided by each one possibilities, so be fast an make an offer, it contains just 200 NFT’s! The community will decide later what to do with the collected amount. You can make an offer HERE.

Red21 published and article named If we build it they will come.. in which is described how he sees the sub-dao that would have it`s activity IRL.

There was a test poker tournament organized on discord this week. It was a preparation for a future tournament with real money. The winnings will be donated to a community cause:

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Theodore Roosevelt

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