The DAO Insider | Community Weekly Review | #W06 07-13 February 2022

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Happy Sunday everyone!

Here we are with a new Community Weekly Review that will bring you up-to speed with last week’s main events in the Stakeborg DAO community.

We are very close to activating the Governance and there are great chances that this will happen in the coming week.

This week we saw a couple of interesting announcements coming from the bootstrapping team, new additions to the core team, as well as the governance SOP. A new version of the whitepaper is close to being released and this will provide the vision and direction for the coming period.

We wish you a great read and would love to hear back from you in the comments section!

The DAO Insider Team


Let’s have a look first at the numbers:


We are close to the activation of the governance, and this can only bring excitement. We are looking forward to the new version of the whitepaper that will bring clarity over the direction of our DAO. We see that new members are joining the community on Discord and the other social media channels.


On the Community Compass a new section appeared this week – the STAKEBORG DAO GOVERNANCE.

Here you can read all about the governance flow of StakeborgDAO. This is one of the most important pillars that must be defined within a DAO.


It was decided that the ILSI/ETH Liquidity Pool to be prolonged with another 12 weeks, with a reduced pool of rewards – 4.000 Standard per week.

A full reasoning of this decision is coming mid next week! Don’t miss our Mid-Week Review next week!

The Stakeborg DAO Talks

Previous Sunday, we had the pleasure to watch Vlad’s interview with Masheeb, managing partner at Dragon Fly Capital. In case you missed it, we recommend it. Check it out below!

Community Members joining the core Team

We are happy to announce that two of our community members were coopted into the core StakeborgDAO team, taking over (but not limited to) social media responsibilities. We are happy to give a big S/O to @shinmentakezo and @matei for their achievement and their constant work and involvement.

We hope you noticed that lately the amount of precious information relating to DAOs is being shared on the Stakeborg DAO Twitter account.

It’s imperative to educate ourselves but also open conversations and start debates on the subjects that arise.

Over 20K on Youtube!

The Stakeborg Youtube channel just surpassed 20.000,00 subscribers this week!

That’s insane and we want to give another S/O to this community!

If you haven’t heard of The Stakeborg DAO Talks – here’s the full playlist with guests like Vitalik Buterin, Raul Pal, Tom Bilyeu and many other top class speakers.

The Crypto Insider

With a new dedicated team, the new version of TCI is setting the bar to new heights.

Check here the latest edition:

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Oh, btw – rumors are that the new index is quite in an advanced phase – GO BIG, OR GO HOME!

Community Highlights:

Some of us already updated our profile, with an ETH address. Most used a new ETH address from a new Metamask account.


Welcoming new members initiative

Another spectacular initiative from @andreiv. He offers slots of 30 minutes, for new members to be able to ask anything related to Stakeborg DAO, in a 1-on-1 personal conversation.

Link to book a slot – here.

Girl’s Power

On Discord it was highly discussed the involvement of the women in the crypto space and what would be necessary to spark the interest in more of them. @RaluW had a great idea and initiated a public call where other women from our community were invited to join.

A great first-step and we hope that this will grow into something more.

Sticking a bit with @RaluW – she is sharing a lot of good vibes every day through her daily thoughts post on #random-talks sub-channel. Keep it up @RaluW – we like it!

StakeborgDAO Poker Tournament

After a few tests last week, the Poker Tournament had it’s first Pilot, just before the publication of this Weekly, on Sunday – 13.02.2022 at 19.00 CET.  

There were 18 participants and even some that unfortunately were not ablet o join for different reasons.

The game lasted for about 1h and 45 minutes and the we were happy to hear the active discussion on the Aud-Voci channel.

@DriveTim3 is the 1st Winner of the Stakeborg DAO Poker Tournament! Congratulations!

As he is already a TCI PRO subscriber, the prize will be donated to the first participant starting from 2nd place (@Culai1), that does not have a TCI PRO subscription.

After the Pilot, the team will analyze the feedback and improve the concept before Pilot #2. Keep an eye on the Discord channels!

The Netherlands GUILD

There is a new guild on the – The Netherlands.

This is the place of gathering for all community members residing in The Netherlands.

Are you also living here? Then join our guild here.

Heads-up: There is a meet-up in the works for next week 14-18 of Feb. Keep an eye on the guild for more details!

Last week in Crypto:

What we read this week and found interesting enough to share with you:

Rethinking the DAO Contributing Funnel –

A summary of what happened with Wonderland DAO, with some thoughts on what a DAO should to do avoid repeating this scenario –

 Decentralized autonomous organizations: Tax considerations –

Crypto, Blockchain Investments in 2021 Exceeded Previous 3 Years Combined: KPMG

Johnny Depp unveils ‘Never Fear the Truth’ collection of NFT works –

Regulating the Metaverse(s) –

Digital publisher Forbes and Magnum Opus Acquisition Limited received a $200 million investment from cryptocurrency exchange Binance. –

US Inflation Hits New 4-Decade High of 7.5% in January –

European Union to Consider Digital Euro Legislation by Next Year: Report –

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