The DAO Insider | Community Weekly Review | #W07 13-20 February 2022

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A week to remember. 

Sunday means a new Weekly Review of our newly activated Stakeborg DAO.

Whitepaper 1.1  has been released and the vision has been enlarged. 

IRL meetings are taking place more often 

New community projects have been created and the best is yet to come.

Enjoy your Weekly review and give us some feedback once you did 

The DAO Insider Team


Some data

ILSI Standard Social media

At the moment 73.6% of the Circulating Supply is being staked and we have almost reached the 1000 milestone for unique Standard Addresses.

The team has renewed their Portfolios. You can check them out right here:

Portfolio Update

On this occasion, I want to convey that we have 100% confidence in you and we believe that all decisions made at the team level will be very good in the long run.

DAO Activation 

This week we surpassed the 1 Million Standard Staked and from now proposals can be made, discussed, voted, and implemented.

The new Whitepaper has been released and the vision within is what we needed in this kind of unknown moment. When our first major goal was achieved. But we are just at the beginning. 

Check it out here and let’s discuss it on Discord.

Agora is now available. Go there and create your account. After that, you can propose and create a discussion around it. To Gather feedback and even create a team around it.

Our newly Crypto Insider Report has an audio version available on Spotify:

Thumbs up for that.

Give it a rating once you listen to at least 1 episode.

New interview with a core team member, Evelyne. Nice to finally meet you.

On discord, we have a new section for meetings. 

There are already some groups there, but if your region, the country isn’t there. You can request in the international group.

Twitter Round-Up

A quote from 1961 made it to Web 3.

How will we manage our treasury from now on is one of the most challenging aspects of a DAO 

Did you find your place in our digital colony?

PS: @mtk is helping us out with his morning questions :))   more details on the community section. 

The 4th volume of #StakeborgDAOCommunityReport is out!

Community Headlines

This week we had 11 New Articles and 2 new Community Stories on 

Did you read any of them?   Start right here

Till now the IRL meetings have been planned even 2-3 weeks in advance. 

From now on, since we get to know each other a little better. We are going to do more spontaneous ones. 

Like Karoly and Mihnea did in Cluj this Saturday

Andreea wrote this

 An article that was mentioned even in our Pro Newsletter. 

She gave feedback for DAO and she referred to us as a whole. The magic of the DAO is on :))

MTK started a new series every morning where he asked the community a series of 3 questions. Related to our future within the DAO and the Web 3 space.

Here there are the ones from today 

1. How do we create an environment to identify talent in the community?

2. Once you identify the people who want to get involved, how do we retain talent?

3. What attracts you / what do you like to do / what fulfills you?

Did you find enough time to answer them?

These are the kind of questions that help us create a stronger connection with each other. Which is one of our priorities and will enable us to create even greater things together. 

Thank you MTK for this.  Lead the way.

Upcoming events in the community.

Jenny already made us curious about the next community talk on Tuesday at 8:30 PM EET

Also on Tuesday is the IRL meeting in Timișoara

And Wednesday we have a meeting in Iași that could bring some surprising guests. Cough Cough Vlad. Thanks for the tip :))

1st Meetup in France – Snowfest – at the end of March (I know it’s not that close but it was worth a mention )


Ukraine Legalises Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

Justice Department Appoints First Director of National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team

LooksRare team cashed out 23.000 ETH through Tornado CASH

JPMorgan Enters the Metaverse With Virtual Decentraland Lounge

Podcast recommendation

This is actually a recommendation from Razpovo.  

Listen Here.

Here you can find out that DAOs are actually not really recent and we as humans have been using this form of organization for a very long time. Because in my opinion, it is one of the most natural forms of organization that we have available right now. 

Give it a listen.

There’s an entire generation of founders under the age of 25 who will spend their entire career building in web3.



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