The Dao Insider Community Weekly Review – #W11 20-27 March 2022

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Hello StakeborgDAO frend. 

Welcome to a new edition of Weekly where you will find out what happened in this amazing week in your favorite DAO. 

Hope you’ve had a great week and will have an even better one next week. 

This week we found out who our first ambassadors are. 

Some teasing from the Boostraping team about a new advisor 

An amazing new learning opportunity from our DAOnauts 

And Vlad showed us some amazing macro perspectives about the market and the Crypto world in general. 

Thank you for your support and Retweets We are almost 300 on Twitter

Stakeborg DAO

66% Percent of tokens are staked at the moment 

Check out The crypto insider report from this week
Listen to it here

The ambassador program is starting from April 1st.

Our first set of Ambassadors was just announced

Let’s see them one more time

Congrats guys. 

You deserve this opportunity and we cannot wait to see all of you doing your best for the DAO.

One for all and all for DAO!

Twitter Round-Up

The 9th volume of #StakeborgDAOCommunityReport is out!

StakeborgDAO weekly stats are here 

We’ve had another opportunity thanks to Vlad to engage with some amazing leaders in the Crypto space 

Stakeborg announced a new advisor 

Thank you DubluDe for your amazing work for the DAO and for the community. 

Community Headlines

MAC took the lead for the DAOnauts initiative and on Saturday we had our first call where we talked about it and make a plan on how are we gonna do our research and when are we going to share it. 

We are only 7 people at the moment. If you wanna join us. We are waiting for you on the Random-talks channel where you can find more details about the initiative. 

On Sunday we have a new edition of the StakeborgDAO Poker Tournament and because it’s at the same time as Saudi Arabia F1 GP we are going to do a social night on our voice channel. 

The ambassadors got their own role on Discord 

We are so proud of you guys. 

Here you can see 3 of them 

Podcast recommendations

This Naval interview from 3 years ago is pure gold. 

It’s funny how he talks about things that are happening right now but he did it 3 years ago. 

His calm and way of communicating things are awesome.

I bet that everyone can listen and write at least 3 ideas every 5 minutes. 

Let’s share them on discord. 


“Our judgment isn’t limited by knowledge nearly as much as it’s”

Julia Galef

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