The Dao Insider Community Weekly Review – #W14 11-17 Aprilie 2022

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Hello, fellows stakeborgars & stakeborgirls! Let me give you a brief of what happened last week in our community: a new index, community NFTs with free mint, new roles on discord, and much more. So if you want to catch up on the latest activity you are in the right place.


Here are the prices of our products and stats at the end of the week. We have a new arrival here – DAOX(more about it down below).

DAOX – our second index is live. This index is about DAOs and it gives exposure to they’re growing segment. More details about its componence and why it is shaped like this you can find in this thread.

Community NFTs – made by bring web3 team. The guys there gathered up and voluntarily launched an NFT project that rewards the members of the StakeborgDAO community(mint for free). We find this to be the definition of how work in DAOs is done. Different members each with their skill set, contribute how they can, for the good of the community. That’s how we started also, The Doa Insider team, and we encourage you to do the same. The DAO way.


DAOnauts #5. First the episode and after a text review made by fcucv48.

In this episode the discussion was split in two parts:

  • Treasury diversification;
  • Metagovernance.

The big issue that brings the Treasury Diversification of a DAO(consisting of 100% of its native token) to the spotlight is that the volatility of the treasury fluctuates very much, as the price of its token. It’s more than clear that we should change this, and as the Llama community states, there are 3 principles we should take into account when we speak about DAOs treasuries:

  • Infinite time horizon – continuous working(not looking for quick profits);
  • Inflows should exceed outflows;
  • Diversify asset allocation.

Next, we will focus on the third principle. A treasury of a DAO should be consisted of multiple tokens or different strategies to apply, as follows:

  • Fungible tokens – index founds tokens, stablecoins, tokens of various projects, etc;
  • Non-fungible tokens(NFTs) – in addition to their economic value, this kind of tokens can be used to create a brand image e.g. StakeborgDAO could change its PP on Twitter with a Crypto Punk from its treasury – this kind of marketing could draw the attention of many users and investors, stimulating the process of adoption;
  • Leverage trading;
  • Invest in early stage projects.

All of these strategies will be adjusted according to the risk tolerance of every DAO.

To run and manage a DAO treasury, a committee should be chosen by the community, to oversee and cope with the problems that will occur. We should name a few:

  • Diversification(what kind and how many coins we should have);
  • Stablecoins(staking – maximize the yield, inflation-pegging with the dollar, euro, etc, future FED regulations);
  • Strategic partnerships(e.g. changing native tokens for stablecoins with other DAOs – native tokens will be held by long term investors);
  • Borrowing(for interest);
  • Expenses with DAO’s operations.

The second topic discussed was Metagovernance(the ability to influence other protocols through ownership of their tokens). An example could be StakeborgDAO owning some AAVE tokens(and/or vice-versa), that can be delegated to vote proposals in their ecosystem. The advantage will be the interest of both projects to incentivize the cooperation between DAOs, for making both of them successful. On the other hand, disadvantages of this kind of swap token will appear when a DAO pursues its interest in the other DAO’s ecosystem.

In the end, another topic popped up, regarding lowering the percentage of tokens delegated for a proposal to pass. In a conclusion, descentralisation comes with its disadvantages, and until the community will be more active, implicated, and educated, the risk of big wallets(whales) manipulating the DAOs will be present.

Twitter Round-up

The Crypto Insider Report

Here is TCIR for last week.

Community Highlights


The #onbording team has created a test channel that you MUST enter. Iugin posted on Agora a new proposal with the test version, you have the link to it here.


New discord roles – Andrei has been working on a discord bot that assigns the roles of Hodler, Staker, and Diamond Hands to each member of discord that has more than 10 $STANDARD. Hodler is for those who have the tokens in their wallet, Staker for the ones that staked their tokens, and Diamond Hands for the ones that have them locked for more than 30 days. Access the link below and get your role!

DOAnauts journey – check it out and join them.

#Road to level 7 – Mtk continues the campaign in which he encourages members to engage in discussions, helping to bound the community and achieving one of the KPI-s for airdrop #3.

Meet-Ups, had a few of them this week and were held in Netherland, Uk, and Cluj. We salute you fellows stakeborgars/stakeborgirls and encourage more to come and engage with others members of the community. We have had IRL meet-ups from Miami all over to Europe, so just ask on discord if there is a fellow stakeborgar/stakeborgirl around you and gather up. After all, this creates the bound for a DAO you can not f**k with that we aspire to be…p.s.-don’t forget to share the pictures.


After CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk refused his seat in Twitter’s board, right that it’s given to a person that After the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk refused his seat on Twitter’s board, right that it’s given to a person that holds more than 10% of the firm(he is the biggest share hodler), he sent an offer to the same board of directors in which he offers $43 B, to buy Twitter. Here you will find a thread in which is the offer sent to the board of directors.

Ethereum 2.0 – will come in a few months after June this year, most likely in Q3.

Coinbase wants to produce with Bored Ape Yach Club a tree-part movie called Degen Trilogy. All owners of apes that want their NFTs to be part of the movie have to submit them on More about this here.

Bored&Hungry – the first NFT restaurant shares a free meal for any BAYC/MAYC holder. The owner Andy Nguyen has 4 apes and the restaurant which is located in Long Beach looks awesome.


A wonderful video shared by Vlad in the last podcast of Crypto After Dark. Enjoy!

Meaning of life can be reduced to what people do when going to the theatre, some go there to perform, some to sell stuff and some just to enjoy the play.


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