The Dao Insider Community Weekly Review – W20 16-22 May 2022

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Hello and welcome to The DAO Insider Community weekly review. As usual, you will find below the summary of last week events, from inside StakeborgDAO community but also the headlines of the entire crypto space.


DAO Gouvernance Info:

📊$STANDARD , $ILSI and $DAOX stats and prices at the end of the week:

📲Social Media interaction weekly update:


👨‍🚀👨‍🚀The 9th Episode of DAOnauts! Networks, cryptonetworks and culture:


At the beginning of this episode, the discussion was about networks (stable social structure; a way to access information, resources, wellbeing, etc.). Usually, the larger the network, the larger the opportunities, but the link between the participants is also very important. This brings us to the concept of the Network Effect. For instance, for the ETH network, this concept has advantages and disadvantages too:

  • advantages: more users will bring more nodes, more developers will bring more applications, more innovation, more competition, and a better experience for users;
  • disadvantages: gas fees;

        Looking at a larger scale, why the curve of crypto is steeper than the adoption of the internet? A short answer could be that crypto networks treat users equally(users are owners and participants at the same time and they get incentivized to use the application, to invite new users into the network, etc. Another possible answer could be that people already have some background in using the internet, compared with the early stages of the internet.

        The majority of people in Web3 are digitally native, but could this create higher barriers for normal people to enter the space? More than sure, the newcomers have difficulties entering the Web3 space, but once the UI/UX catches up, the technology that’s underneath won’t be felt by users. Once people pass the UI/UX problem, Web3 offers them an optimistic culture, filled with very intelligent and creative people, besides a sense of ownership.

        Let’s talk about DAOs in crypto networks. As Aaron Wright said, corporations are organized in the industrial age, while DAOs will organize in the Web3 age. But we are ready for crypto networks? It looks like we have the right incentives displayed in place for people to start, contribute, and participate in these crypto networks. A lot of the value added to a DAO is given by the qualitative skills of members. One problem would be onboarding them. The biggest barrier for more people to join DAOs seems to be UI/UX.

In the end, the discussion was about big companies from Web2 which will try to move to Web3. If these companies will continue to have the same mentality of rent-seeking and will try to implement it in Web3, then in the mid-long term they will not succeed.


📡 Matei and 1johnny had a first live podcast on Twitter spaces this week, Mental Fitness in Web3:

📜Other interesting Tweets:

The Crypto Insider:

🎧The Crypto Insider Report #33 The Metaverse Race is getting Richer. Blockchain- the solution for supply chain disruptions:

Community Highlights:

👉 Our discord server has gone through a reorganization process this week:

🍕 Bitcoin Pizza Day

Sunday, May 22 2022, marks the 12th anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day, the day 10,000 Bitcoins were exchanged for 2 pizzas. The Stakeborg community has prepared an awareness campaign, and with the involvement of @raluu, who was joined by @dublude, @evegrig, @ioana, everything took shape. In addition, we have two prizes (both $ STANDARD and a subscription to the PRO newsletter), for the posts on Twitter that receive the highest engagement SUNDAY. Here are some of tweets (you can search the #’s for more):


📰 Portugal’s days as alleged crypto tax haven might soon be over. Portuguese Finance Minister Fernando Medina has confirmed that his government is studying how to tax crypto gains in the country:

📰 Emirates Airline To Accept Bitcoin Payments and Launch NFT Collection:

📰 Australia’s first Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs launched by Cboe Australia and ETF Securities:

📰 Nubank, Brazil’s Largest Digital Bank, Launches Bitcoin and Ether Trading:

📰 A16z Addresses Downturn in Inaugural State of Crypto Report:


📺The 18th Episode of StakeborgDAO Talks with Sergey Gorbunov:

Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.

Leon Louw, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

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