The Dao Insider Community Weekly Review – W21 23- 29 May 2022

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Hello, fellow stakeborgar/stakeborgirl! I hope your week kickstarted great! We are still here, walking the crypto walk, some of us gather hot topics and news for those that don’t know what’s going around in our playground we call StakeborgDAO and make weekly reviews out of them, just like this one. This is a summary of the activity that happened in the last week.


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Hot this week:

We are glad to mention that this week started with the announcement of the partnership between StakeborDAO and Digital MOB, a company development with its main focus on blockchain technology, dApp architecture and development, software development, and web applications. The first product had been announced: Indexpods.

After partnerships, we are moving our attention to Agora, where Matei’s proposal moved to Snapshot stage, next after this step is on-chain voting. This proposal is our first that gets voted on. It will give birth to StakeborgDAO Financial Committee(SFC), which will coordinate recompensation amongst contributors, funding projects, and many more. I invite you to read the proposal before voting.


StakeborgDAO Talks #19: “If TETHER goes to ZERO, It’s GAME OVER for CRYPTO”. This podcast has two guests, Haseeb Qureshi from Dragofly Capital & Ken Deeter from Electric Capital.

DAOnauts #10: “DeSoc, SBTs and the Metaverse”.

A summary of the latest episode, signed by @fcucv48:

In this episode, we’re going to talk about DeSoc and SBTs. So, what is DeSoc(Decentralized Society)? As is written in the paperwork named ‘Decentralized Society: Finding Web3’s Soul’, where Vitalik Buterin is a co-author, DeSoc can be defined as a movement that transcends what and how we currently see human interaction in the physical world. It’s the sum of all networking, human relations, and value that we generate in a decentralized world.

The wallets will be our vessels for our identity in Web3(to store our credentials, avatars, our past, present, and future work, etc.). In other words, we are talking about the tokenization of the individual, a subject that should be debated because some consider it ethical, while others do not.

Next, we’ll discuss about SBTs(Soulbound Tokens). They are NFTs that once transferred from the issuer to the recipient, are almost completely non-transferable, unless the issuer revokes it. Today would be simpler for people to understand the SBTs if they’ll use them for driving licenses, and identity cards, but you can link SBTs to basically everything: gym membership, establishing the provenance of an asset, unlocking collateralized lending through reputation, so the ability to enter DeFi space, and maybe get a loan without using collateral, and a lot of things we can’t even fathom right now.

At the end of this episode, the discussion was about earning the right to governance. The main idea was that we need specialized committees for every area( e.g. in the medical system, we need a committee consisting of a lot of medical specialists, which should have more to say about what to do next with the medical system). In DAO’s systems, it’s important to have specialized groups(for the areas that  DAO deal with), that should give directions to token holders, they should analyze a proposal or an idea, and then tell people their opinion, but ultimately the token holders should decide.


The Crypto Insider:

The Crypto Insider Report #34 The Music NFTS. Move-to-earn: the next big thing in the gaming sector?

Community Highlights

Community talks

Community talks, our podcast which reached a total of 17 episodes, some of them consisting around three hours of fine talks, is moving from discord channel to twitter spaces. All of the 17 episodes are in romanian language but starting with twitter we are going to host in english two. More on that TBA soon.

Poker night, an experience bettween 2 communityes, StakeborgDAO and BullsontheBlock. There is a prize pool that consists of 0.2eth, 200 Standard tokens, 1 bear, and 1 bull. More about when and where you can read by accessing this link.

Mtk’s initiative, Road to level 7[EN] reached #53 and continues as airdrop #3 date is closing in, we invite you, the person who reads this article, to join in and put a shoulder at achieving the first KPY.


Some of the Avalanche core team had proposed ApeCoin DAO to launch the Otherdeeds metaverse as a subnet on Avalanche. What started as a complaint on Twitter about Ethereum’s network congestion and high gas fees materializes into this.

After a one-day delay, Terra 2.0 Pheonix-1 mainnet, is live. Here are the details.

Binance continues it’s push through the European Market, and after revealing it’s intentions to extend investments and activities into STATION F in France, CZ moves on to Italy.


Listening to uninformed people is worse than having no answers at all.

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