The DAO Insider Community Weekly Review – W22 30 May – 5 June 2022 [ENG]

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Good morning, friends!

Another week, another crypto roullete. How are you all? Let’s see what happened last week in our DAO!

On May 30 and 31, the first 2022 edition of the Banking 4.0 event took place.

Vlad was the moderator of two of the organized panels.

The first, ‘The advantages of tokenization – NFTs’, w/ Sergiu Draganus – LUDO; Sebastian Cochinescu – TailPath; Bogdan Almasi – Assetto & Ronin; Mihai Dragan – COO Oveit and Avi Cicirean – BRAND MINDS.

The second panel was entitled ‘(Cyber) Security in the crypto world.’ /w Nic Balaceanu – Lendrise; Alexandru Rizea – ​​Qoobiss, Florin Nedelcu – Eternity Cloud and Augustin Jianu – certME, certSIGN’s digital identity service.

For security reasons, every month all members on Discord needs to regain the roles of holders / stakers / diamond hands by accessing the link and following the simple steps there.

Price Update:


DAOnauts #11: Some relevant perspectives on the future of work!

The Stakeborg DAO Talks #20 w/ Anthony Sassano.

Twitter Roundup:


The Crypto Insider Report #35 About Writing NFTs & why big tech giants are losing talent to blockchain companies.

Community Highlights:

DAONAUTS 11 summary by fcucv48:

In this episode, the discussion focused on the image of the future in the field of work, but also on the concept called Writing NFTs.

    The biggest difference between Web3 and traditional jobs is flexibility. In the Web3 ecosystem, barriers to entry and exit are almost non-existent compared to traditional companies.

    What are the issues facing people who want to make the transition between traditional space and Web3? First of all, the traditional space offers a much greater stability. To work in the Web3 space requires a certain degree of education in the field, and the misconception that this space is intended only for programmers, also depends on the difficulty of recruiting new people in the field.

    What are the next steps for people who cross these barriers and want to work in a DAO? First, participants must choose a DAO that represents them, a DAO that resonates with them, and then enter their Discord server. During this period, when the market is down, it is recommended not to make the total transition to Web3, if people do not have a very good education about this space. It is best to work part-time at the beginning of the road.

Web3 jobs bring a concept of bounty hunters, a process by which users can find different jobs, usually posted by different DAOs (eg writing an article about a particular DAO, interacting with a particular post, writing a thred etc.). Such a concept can also be dangerous for people, as it can lead to exhaustion due to too much work. It takes a certain degree of work discipline to be able to earn a stable income.

        The next question is whether in the future people will be as attracted to DAOs as current companies, or will DAOs be able to attract more participants? The advantages of a DAO can be seen very clearly, participants can explore a wide variety of options, in Web3 not being forced to belong to a single company, or to be tied to a single idea. On the other hand, many people prefer stability and prefer to stay in the comfort zone.

        At the end of this episode the discussion went to the concept of Writing NFTs. This concept was launched by MirrorXYZ, a publishing platform, a place where you can create an NFT from your article, where you can set a price, but also the number of copies you can lie. In this way, people can help the authors of articles, collect their favorite articles, and some of them can even become pieces of history, which would increase their value.

Mtk talks about a new "Writing NFT's" concept. It's basically a newsletter in English that leaves the community and is on the platform

This Newsletter itself is designed to be a modular one, attracting "Guest Writers" as well. It's called The Contributor and will have a few sections, and if you're interested in writing, you can find more details here.

Therefore, we invite you to minta copy. The first edition has 999 copies and the cost of minting is 0. You need funds on Optimism.

On Saturday we had the first Poker Club together with @BullsOnTheBlock which was a real success!


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