The Dao Insider Community Weekly Review – #W23 6-12 Iunie 2022

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Salutare Web3 people! Dupa o saptamana “cu de toate” condimentata cu mult rosu si scaderi, ceea ce ne ridica intotdeauna este comunitatea! Drept urmare va invitam la o retrospectiva marca The DAO Insider.


Informatii DAO Gouvernance

📊 Situatia preturilor $STANDARD , $ILSI and $DAOX:


🗞CWR #25 I Elrond exploit. Solana oprit. Legislatii pe stablecoin. $500m de la Binance Labs:

🎨It’s NFTime #36 I Nifty’s & Warner Bros, DC Comic Marketplace, Snoop Dogg BAYC Restaurant:

💰Crypto After Dark #34 I Cum FACEM BANI in BEAR MARKET? cu Vlad Mercori

👀THE STAKEBORG TALKS “Nu am CRYPTOMONEDE. Eu vad riscurile, nu oportunitatile”- ALIN ANDRIES


The Crypto Insider

📝 The Crypto Insider #137: Noul newsletter free este live, enjoy!

📝 The Crypto Insider #138: Extreme Fear. Layer 1s dead.

📝 The Crypto Insider PRO #47: Cand cumparam alts-uri in bear market

Community Highlights:

🗳 Propunerea Stakeborg DAO Financial Committee a trecut la votul onchain pentru o perioada de 7 zile. Va puteti exprima votul aici:

🎴In urma turneului de poker organizat de StakeborgDAO si BOTB, au fost acordate premii si in randul celor mai bine clasati membri ai comunitatii noastre in turneu, si anume:
4th place – @cryptoPAlex (0.025 ETH and 25 $Standard)
5th place –@ErwinKeresztes (Bear NFT and 10 $Standard)
6th place –@BlaZQue14 (15 $Standard)
7th place – @Inhuman333 (10 $Standard)
8th place – @SzabGrind (5 $Standard)

🖼 Un articol care nu trebuie ratat…de la al nostru WhiteHat andreiv….go and grab your pfp for free!:


📰 Elrond Incident and Recovery Report :

📰 SEC Targets Binance’s BNB ICO for Potential Violations: Report:

📰 PayPal Lets Users Transfer Bitcoin and Ethereum to External Wallets:

📰 Jack Dorsey’s TBD presents Bitcoin-nased decentralized web5:

📰 US inflation accelerated to a fresh 40-year high in May at 8.6%:

📰 The luxury retailer FARFETCH will begin accepting bitcoin as payment in select locations as a trial with plans to extend to the whole customer base:

📰 Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z announced The Bitcoin Academy, financial education for Marcy House residents in Brooklyn, New York:


📉Top 10 WORST Bear Market Mistakes: Watch OUT!!:

I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors, be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.

Warren Buffett

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