The Dao Insider Community Weekly Review – #W23 6-12 June 2022

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Good day to you, crypto enthusiast! If I had to say how my journey in crypto started it will be the same old story where you get in, and buy things because a dude, that you think knows better than you say so, but maybe that person was following his agenda, things that I learned down the line. I made mistakes, like buying high selling low, investing more than I can afford, get into projects that are mega-hyped. Got through some hard times, so hard that I was thinking I’m a personal indicator of the market => if got into a project in short term prices go down. This is all because I was following the noise and the hype, and that’s the result when you do this. All I can say is that you learn things by doing mistakes, we like to call it skin in the game, but it refers to if you got out of the herd or not. I’m grateful for this community where I started to learn and analyze things as they should be done, and for that, I’ve decided a few months ago to start contributing to this educational hub. I encourage you to do the same, when you teach others you learn better, proven facts. I’m not saying that I teach others, but by doing the research that is needed for these weekly reviews, I accumulated info that is better shared. So without further due let’s dive into the highlights of last’s week.


DAO Gouvernance Info

πŸ“Š $STANDARD , $ILSI and $DAOX stats and prices at the end of the week:


πŸ‘©β€πŸš€πŸ‘©β€πŸš€ DAOnauts #12: SFC, DAOs as legal entities and news from the Web3 space!:

πŸ‘€ RUSSIA and CHINA might believe COVID was an AMERICAN Bioweapon | PIPPA MALMGREN part 1 | Episode 21:


The Crypto Insider

πŸ“The Crypto Insider Report #36 NFT Mass Adoption: Not Even Close. A New Crypto Bill:

Community Highlights:


First thing first. We have a proposal on Agora, for which we need your help, to help you later. I’m sure most of you guys know by now about the proposal that’s been lighting up discussion around the campfire in our community but let me say it one more time for those who got up late: this proposal will give birth to a SFC(StakeborgDAO Financial Committee), the entity that we needed to start recompensating contributors, projects and so on. So what do we need our community’s help for is:

  1. Access the link and vote for the pass of this proposal
  2. We need to reach a quorum of 35% for the proposal to be considered valid, meaning 35% of the people who have staked STANDARD have to vote on this proposal. The vote will close in 3 days and our progress on it is 5-6%.

Last week, our community and BOTB community (Bulls on the Block), held an event ‘Poker Night’, which gathered around 110 members. I had a great time and had the luck to be amongst the ones that received a prize. Another thing that I would like to say is that from TDI, 3 persons got prizes, so you better watch out for the TDI poker team(we give lessons in private)!

Moderators power

Mtk, our involved moderator, had a great idea(one of them, and keep them coming), to help the community engage more in discussions on discord, helping us to reach the first KPI for the airdrop which is closing by. The idea is called Road to LVL 7 reached #69 and we can’t thank him enough for his effort.

You might be asking yourself what’s with all the doodles from the discord profile members. It started with the message below. We want to thank and salute andreiv‘s initiative, and for those that didn’t notice the act this is an article that will explain better


πŸ“° Elrond Incident and Recovery Report :

πŸ“° SEC Targets Binance’s BNB ICO for Potential Violations: Report:

πŸ“° PayPal Lets Users Transfer Bitcoin and Ethereum to External Wallets:

πŸ“° Jack Dorsey’s TBD presents Bitcoin-nased decentralized web5:

πŸ“° US inflation accelerated to a fresh 40-year high in May at 8.6%:

πŸ“° The luxury retailer FARFETCH will begin accepting bitcoin as payment in select locations as a trial with plans to extend to the whole customer base:

πŸ“° Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z announced The Bitcoin Academy, financial education for Marcy House residents in Brooklyn, New York:


πŸ“‰Top 10 WORST Bear Market Mistakes: Watch OUT!!:

I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors, be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.

Warren Buffett

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