Stakeborg DAO Community Weekly Reviews – #W02 10-16 January 2022 (US)

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Hello International Community!

We are happy to announce our brand new bi-weekly English Reviews, brought to you every Thursday and Sunday by the StakeborgDAO Reviews team!

The main purpose of these bi-weekly reviews is to keep you up to date with the entire StakeborgDAO ecosystem and to nurture the engagement within the community.

The Thursday edition will cover the first part of the week, while the Sunday one will focus on summarizing the main events of the ending week.

We would love to hear back your feedback and comments on the events that took place this week!

Happy reading and wishing you a great Sunday evening!

StakeborgDAO Reviews Team

Stakeborg DAO:

The Stakeborg DAO Talks

Last week brought us episode #5 of The Stakeborg DAO Talks, in which Vlad had as a guest * * Paul Brody – Global Blockchain Leader Ernst & Young:

Full episode here:

And in case you missed the previous episodes with guests such as Vitalik Buterin or Raul Pal, we have for you the Stakeborg DAO Talks Playlist:

There are rumors that the next guest on the Stakeborg Talks panel is going to be Tom Bilyeu – but you did not hear this from us 😉

$ 15 mil market cap!

Stakeborg DAO story just reached a new impressive milestone! Especially when you consider the early stage we are in! Read relevant take outs from this week’s newsletter by Stakeborg’s awesome CEO aka Vlad (@Arscryptopia):

End of $BOND and $XYZ farming pools

Tuesday, the 11th of January marked the end for the Bond and XYZ farming pools. This marks an important milestone for StakeborgDAO’s fair launch.  Were you involved or just curious – see below a Twitter thread of what this means and what are the next steps for the participants in these pools:

Product presentation – ILSI ( Invest Like Stakeborg Index)

A Twitter thread, explaining what ILSI index is and what it contains. Don’t feel shy to share! 🙂

VIDEO-ANIMATION about Stakeborg DAO and ILSI by Crytomatics EN:

Curious about StakeborgDAO?

Look no further! The team lined up in a thread, what you can do in order to get actively involved in the daily run of our DAO:

🎉 3K+ followers on Twitter! 🎉

Huge kudos to all of you for the support!

Stakeborg DAO weekly updates

🎉 Happy 1 year anniversary for The Crypto Insider! 🎉

Time flies when you are learning and developing. Let’s take a minute and go through the first edition of TCI, and if you are new here, for sure you will find this a good read:

📥 Subscribe to The Crypto Insider 📥

Brand Assets

The category Brand Assets is now live on, in the Community Compass section. Check it out: :

The era of shared success – Article by @1johnny

@1johnny wrote his first article on community’s platform about how what we know about movies, music and pictures, will be completely redefined in the upcoming period. Check his article via this link:

And don’t forget to give a like and a comment if you liked what your read!

New interface for the StakeborgDAO Explorer

@andreiv brings a new updated to the StakeborgDAO Explorer. Check the new interface and enjoy the new Buying fee estimation tab.

Want to join StakeborgDAO Reviews team?

The StakeborgDAO Reviews team is looking for more members to join their initiative, in order to improve the handling of the growing volume of content.

If you are interested – send a DM to @Erwin, or reply to the Discord post here:

Discord Channel – Round Up (US):

Active community members recognition

Cheer up for our community’s new Discord moderators! 🎉

@Erwin, @Teo and @Ioan joined @andreiv and @Mtk in the Discord Moderators team. This step recognizes their daily implication and the help provided to the other members of the community.

Should you have any question, doubt or recommendation/ feedback – the guys mentioned above will gladly help you out!

We are happy to see that the example they bring resonates with the community and other members become more and more involved!

Community Member awareness initiative – @Maftei Claudiu

At the end of a personal marketing initiative from our community member @Maftei Claudiu, he announced the winners of his Twitter campaign. Results were impressive: over 565 Retweets and 535 comments in just 3 days.

Community Resources:

  • A read about “How to grow decentralized communities”:

  • Gas Bot – The team implemented a new bot for the Discord group which will automatically post when the Gas Price wil drop below a certain value. For now this is set-up at 50, 70 and 90 gwei. You can find the alerts in the new ⛽・gas-price-alerts channel.

We wish you all a great Sunday evening and a prosperous next week!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the community’s website for the mid-week Review, coming on Thursday – 20th of January 2022.

“Love people and use things, because the opposite never works”

– The Minimalists

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