Weekly Review – 18 December

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Hi frens, I’m happy to re-share all these news with you ๐Ÿ™‚
In the past week or so, so many good things in our digital colony have happen that it’s mandatory to have a good recap. So, put your seatbelt and let the journey begin .

First things first : Now we can earn passive income meanwhile we’re activating the DAO’s governance. How? By staking our $STANDARD tokens.

“In crypto passive income is achieved by staking your tokens. When you start cashing your first staking rewards, you start de-risking your investment.
By staking your $STANDARD tokens you are not only earning rewards but you are also one of the early colonists to sit at the DAO table. Once 1 million tokens are staked by the community, governance is activated and that allows you to make your voice heard and use your decision power.” @Vlad

In just 10 days from starting point, at the moment it looks like we have 411,558 / 1,000,000 $STANDARD already staked. So yeah, we’re moving fast, get involved!

Helping hands :
1. How to buy $STANDARD on SushiSwap
2. How to add liquidity for $STANDARD in the SushiSwap LP
3. How to stake your $STANDARD tokens
4. Statistics for the $STANDARD token

The “Invest Like Standard Index” aka ILSI, LIVE now!

On top of putting the bedrock of a blooming DAO, Stakeborg will launch in the bootstrapping phase a number of crypto indexes that our community cares about. All the profits from the indexes launched by Stakeborg team now and in the future will go to the community wallet and the future digital colony will decide the best way to spend those funds.
The โ€œInvest Like Stakeborg Indexโ€ aka โ€œILSIโ€ is an index which seeks to provide investors macro and diversified exposure to the main narratives that stand out as opportunities in the crypto space.
Here in this video, Razvan Dumitrascu shows us how is structured ILSI and why is being believed that it fits well into any long-term investment strategy!
ILSI is the first index that has just been lauched these days from an initial list of three. RPI & IX3 are coming soon.
For more detailed info about ILSI please visit : https://www.stakeborgdao.com/ilsi/

Now, here you can find how to invest in ILSI directly through the TokenSets website .
Other way to invest in ILSI, at the moment, is through the SushiSwap DEX where you can swap other assets to get ILSI.
DYOR about the fees and the differences between this two methods of investing and choose what suits best with your own plans.
Also you can provide liquidity in the ETH/ILSI Liquidity Pool for which you’ll be rewarded with 0.25% of all trades on this pair proportional to your share of the pool. Beside this, by staking the SLP tokens received, you’ll also be rewarded through yield farming with more $STANDARD tokens.

ILSI has $2.8M in TVL already and it’s just the 4th day from the release .

AIRDROP #2 – Skin in the game

Ser, the snapshot for the 2nd #Airdrop was made on 14 December !
As described in the whitepaper there are 3 airdrops x 1% of the total $STANDARD supply, each with a max of one reedem and a vesting period of 125 weeks with the amount of 0.8% / week.
The only known criteria for the 2nd Airdrop was ‘skin in the game’ for a long period , so we had enough time figuring out what that could’ve meant. Now we certainly know : 200.000 tokens will be divided into 3 categories :

  1. LIQUIDITY PROVIDERS : Everyone who in the snapshot moment were offering liquidity in USDC – $STANDARD SushiSwap pool. Here will be 5 categories based on how many epochs they’ve contributed :
    • Epsilon Liquidity Provider (21) – 1 epoch – 220 tokens
    • Delta Liquidity Provider (14) – 2 epochs – 264 tokens
    • Gamma Liquidity Provider (25) – 3 epochs – 316 tokens
    • Beta Liquidity Provider (34) – 4 epochs – 379 tokens
    • Alpha Liquidity Provider (101) – 5 epochs ~ 567 tokens
      Total tokens for Liquidity Providers : 86.430 / 195 adresses
  2. $STANDARD BUYERS : Everyone who bought $STANDARD until the snapshot moment. There are 434 buyers who will split 90.000 tokens. That means 207 tokens for each one.
  3. YEARLY PRO SUBSCRIBERS : Everyone who paid an yearly subscription to The Crypto Insider newsletter prior the snapshot. Here we have 159 addresses who will split 23.570 tokens . That means 148 tokens for each one.

Only for those Yearly Pro subscribers will be a short process of confirming the e-mail and providing an Ethereum address through the Telegram bot StakeborgDAOCommunityAirdrop_Bot .

Have a wonderful weekend , all ! โœŠ


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