Stakeborg DAO Community Weekly Reviews – #W03 17-23 January 2022 (US)

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Hi guys,

Here we have another week’s round-up prepared for you! And what a week has been.

– the circulating supply of $Standard just reached 1.000.000, representing 5% of the total. Big milestone

– we had ep. 6 of The Stakeborg Talks where Vlad a great discussion with Diran Li from Messari

We are getting closer and closer to DAO’s activation and we must prepare as much as possible for that moment. This is the best time to read, educate and think of how can you contribute now and with perspectives for later, when the DAO will be active.

Today we get rewarded with ep.7 of The Stakeborg DAO talks – premiering in 30 minutes! More details below!

Wishing you an awesome evening and green next week!

The Stakeborg DAO Reviews Team

Stakeborg DAO:

We have reached 75% of the amount of  $ STANDARD  required for staking in  Governance  to activate  Stakeborg DAO. If you haven’t reached  Twitter  yet, feel free to  like, retweet & comment :

Stakeborg DAO Talks

Tom Bilyeu – Impact Theory / Quest Nutrition

It’s happening – Tom Bilyeu in the house!

The 7th episode of The StakeborgDAOTalks featuring Tom Bilyeu , Co-Founder of

@QuestNutrition & Co-Founder/CEO of @impact_theory  airs in 30 minutes, at 19:00 CET

on our YouTube channel –

Diran Li – Messari

This week brought us The Stakeborg DAO Talks  #6, in which  Vlad  had invited  Diran Li ,  Director of Distributed Systems  from  Messari . Prior to Messari, Diran was Chief of Data at  Palantir , after joining  Microsoft .

Full Episode Here:

Sneak peaks:

“Bitcoin has a product-market fit, Ethereum is still looking for it!” – Diran Li

“Our secret sauce, really, is merging what computers can do in terms of automation and what the human is best at in terms of curation.” – Diran Li

“Traditional jurisdictions and traditional organizations just don’t cut it for this new Web3 world.” – Diran Li

“The area that we feel has a lot of potential is DAOs.” – Diran Li

Twitter Round-up

A week full of great content put up by the Stakeborg DAO team – so let’s congratulate them in the comment section!

Seems that more great things are coming:

And then this happened:

We are getting closer and closer to the DAO’s activation. On Stakeborg DAO’s social channels you can find valuable resources that will help us educate and define better our role/ relation with the DAO(s) we are part of.

Find a summary below: :


This week’s fresh from the oven articles:

How to read a smart contract and assess its safety by @andreiv

Financial Independence by @kalladin

Proof of Work ( PoW ) by @MrShaorma

Guilds and Announcements

Fundraising Guild

Currently there are two initiatives going on:


NEW – SubDAO Talks US

This newly added channel is intended of being the place to gather ideas and resources regarding the particularities of DAOs / SubDAOs, and engage in debating relevant ideas that have the potential of translating into actual proposals.

@Alin35 shared with the community an overview of the best bridging routes without CEX (lowest fees/slippage) and bridges for each network.

Conversation Link:

NEW – Price Bots

In addition to the bots that display  ETH Price  and  Gas Tracker , you can now enjoy 4 new bots:

NEW – Shame Bot

Under the #airdrops channel, we have now a bot that will announce all the Airdrop claims in real time.


How did you first hear about Stakeborg DAO and what brought you here? – OPEN MIC

Under #random-talks, the members started an Open Mic series, where everyone is welcomed to share their story on how they found out about Stakeborg DAO and what brought them here. We are really curious to hear your stories!

Maybe you want to pick-up the Mic from @GSPing

Love people and use things, because the opposite never works

The Minimalists

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