Weekly Review – W01 2-8 January 2022

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We’re still early!
Given the statistics on the number of wallets or the number of people who have interacted with crypto / nft, we can zoom out and realize that we are here early. It’s enough to see the price of Bitcoin exactly one year ago.

$2M TVL for $ILSI
We started the year with another milestone for $ILSI market cap. Let’s see the progress after another year, in the meantime back to work!

Happy 13th birthday #Bitcoin!
Bitcoin celebrates 13 years since the first block was mined 🥳

4000 Discord channel members!
Last week, we noticed that we are over 4000 on Discord channel.

Part of the @stakeborgdao community adding faces IRL on their Discord usernames. Cheers, guys!

YouTube Content

The Stakeborg DAO Talks #5 with Paul Brody
“I don’t care about other Layer 1, Ethereum will win”


Matei shared an article about “DeFI Kingdoms Walkthrough”

Saperavi gives us a great way to top up a Binance from Revolut, for those who did not know. Fees and fees all over again.

First edition of Daily review in English was posted last week. More to come soon.

We remind you that there are still ways you can get involved in the community if you haven’t already:



The biggest headline on Discord last week was AMA with the StakeBorg team. In addition to all the questions answered by the team, we can stick with the following idea: “The StakeBorg team is part of the StakeBorgDAO community.”

Scam-Alert Channel
As the StakeBorgDAO community grows, many bots will join and send phishing links. Since last week we have a topic of #report-scam:


 ‘Never let formal education get in the way of your learning.’ – Mark Twain


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