Memes role in crypto adoption. And Super Yetis

Memes have been playing an immensely undervalued cultural role in the recent years. They can serve as conversation starters / source of entertainment, connect people or offer new perspectives. And so much more.

Despite involving high amounts of risk and lots of rug pulls, memes have a big role in enrolling new-joiners to this space. There are a lot of people who came for Dogecoin / Shiba Inu and are still here for Bitcoin / Ethereum. They got interested, educated themselves and now play the long game.

Today there’s an even easier and more fun entry. Probably just as risky, but if all comes to dust, you will still have a potential PFP that you enjoy.

NFT meme collections are just as important as serious building projects in growing the adoption of the space.

“What a perfect conversation piece to be treasured and shown to your friends and family”. This is what Hal Finney said in 1993 about what we now refer to as “NFTs”.

Considering the cultural significance memes reached, NFT meme collections could actually bridge a significant amount of people to the blockchain. Once you’re in and begin exploring, chances are you’re in for good.

People need to have fun and truth is sometimes we take ourselves too seriously in this space. Or in any space.

Enter @super_yeti.

But the feeling is that not these facts are what make Yetis still a popular collection today. It’s rather the fact that jokes have constantly been made about them that they have become a meme themselves. And memes equal culture equal value.

In the beginning of the year, @farokh kept joking that “2022 is the year of the Yeti”. He likes them so much that he included them his @RugRadio Genesis NFT collection.

It’s a fun-meme-collection aura around this one and I think they go by similar to how Endi noticed about #mfers in that they express a vibe. Is there need for complex things when there’s a real vibe and the community is pure fun?

Last but not least, here’s @VitalikButerin himself at ETH Denver back in February. Some would say that he was trying to iterate that we’re in a bear market. But we all know he was wearing a Super Yeti costume, right?


Is @super_yeti gonna be a winner meme NFT collection? Time will tell. But the concept of meme NFT collection will definitely be relevant.

PS: this is anything but a FA. Always DYOR.


PS: this is a thread I posted on Twitter, but I’d like to point out some other things about Super Yetis below.

  • Apart from fun & games, they contribute with regular donations to help end Human Trafficking in India and recently they sent a donation to support Ukraine.
  • Super Yetis are developing a game in Sandbox on their 6×6 land. The interesting part here is that they are not creating horizontal only, but on multiple layers reaching a 10x playable land using portals.
  • Melissa is hosting Super Yeti Twitter Spaces each Sunday and they are a lot of fun. I recommend listening to Seecrits‘ 3 minute speech after exactly 1 hour of the last one.
  • Couldn’t help myself, I will round it up with another fun one, this time from TIMEpieces, TIME‘s web3 Community Initiative:

What’s your take on memes & meme NFT collections?

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  1. Memes are a central part of crypto culture and even more so of the digital culture. We’re surrounded by them and have been for decades.

    I don’t think there’s a quicker way to spread a short message than using memes. Better? Definitely. But not quicker.