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I must have written this article a dozen times in my mind but, until today, I never really found the time to sit down and put it on “paper”. I guess this is the silver lining to being Covid positive and stuck at home on sick leave.

So here I go..  My name is Raluca, I was born in Constanta about 37 years ago, studied in Bucharest, moved to Germany in 2010, where I still live today together with my family. I am a mother of two dragons, a 5 y.o. daughter and a 3 y.o. son, with a background in marketing and comms, working for a multinational company, beekeeper by day, crypto passionate by night. And by “night”, I mean that, since I discovered crypto, my sleeping schedule got even shorter. You probably all know what I mean.

The crypto journey started for me as for many others in our StakeborgDAO community in the summer of 2020, i.e. after watching a podcast that had Beniamin Mincu from Elrond as a guest. I didn’t stumble across it, but rather my brother sent it to me and asked for my opinion. To be honest, I was awestruck by the passion with which Beniamin talked about the project and, to the same level, by the fact that I didn’t understand A THING! And this intrigued me.

I am not a technical person but I believe everyone can accomplish great things if they decide it is important and put in the work. So, I started reading, first about Elrond, then about crypto in general. I watched youtube videos, listened to loads of podcasts, everything that I could fit into my limited time – now looking back a lot of it was pure crap, however, useful to develop those crucial FOMO and FUD antibodies.

I soon realized I needed to have skin in the game to be able to really understand how this whole space works, so I went ahead and opened a account. And then.. I bought my first tokens by mistake. Yeah, you got that right. I had been trying to purchase eGLD but my payment wasn’t going through. (One day, I was on the phone with my brother who had the same issue. I was going again through the purchasing steps with him on the phone, waiting to read out loud the error message I was usually getting at the very end, and, all of a sudden, that time the payment was accepted.)

Because I was so shocked by my first crypto purchase and that, right after this episode, the price of the token tanked, I took a few months break from buying anything else. But, not from learning about the space.

I discovered Crypto after Dark, The Stakeborg Talks, It’s NFTime and the TCI Free & Pro newsletters. The quality of the information made my life much easier. I didn’t need to dig increasingly deeper, trying to stay on top of so many projects anymore. Curated information one click away. Even so, the pace of the crypto space is dazzling! And, I bet you can relate when I say that I find it difficult a lot of times to keep up with the news, trends and developments.

Despite putting all this energy in reading and learning, a lot of times, I experience a strong FOMO feeling, which is something I’m working on to better keep in check.

Some of the reasons I feel FOMO these days are:

  • that I didn’t get to the end of that podcast, in which Raoul Pal .. wait there’s two I’m watching in parallel;
  • that, although I have an idea of what’s to come, I forgot what exactly is expected to happen in each of the next ETH phases the merge, the verge, the purge and the splurge;
  • that I have four open articles on DAOs structuring and remuneration that I wanted to get to;
  • that the floor price of the BookGames might go even higher, so I should get in now; that I forgot to set up an alarm for the VEVE drop;
  • that I’m not spending enough time on Discord and can’t get involved as much as I’d like in StakeborgDAO;
  • that I still didn’t get to writing my first article on .xyz 😉

Phiu! and this is what helps me keep FOMO in check, I take action. One step in front of the other, I’ve come a long way. And there’s still a fascinating and exciting journey for me ahead, of this I am certain.

Disclaimer: The image at the top depicts The CryptoMoms Collection. I don’t own any NFT from this collection.

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  1. Hey Raluca! I really like your style, hope to read more from you soon!
    Thanks for sharing your story with us. I missed the Girls Power community talks episode, but now I am definitely going to make time for it.

    I am also a fan of your gratitude practice. Please keep posting those ^_^

  2. It is one of the best articles I’ve read, and I’m not talking only about xyz here. Congrats @Ralu, this is a truly impressive story & the proof that if you want something bad enough you find solutions, not excuses.

    I hope we will hear more often from you, because you and your style really inspire many of us.

    You rock, Crypto Mom!

  3. Congrats, Raluca!
    A lot of passion in all those words! Beautiful story and I am sure that the results of all this hard work and overtime you invest each day will be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!