#Road to level 7. Part 2.

Welcome to the second edition of #Road to Level 7. It gets better and better with every question. There is again precious material about DAOs and some good book references that you will all enjoy. @Mtk keeps his commitment and makes everyone connect to strengthen the community sense. 

#11: Imagine some forms of DAOs or SUB-DAOs, based on potential services/products they could offer. Try not to think of products that already exists. Let your imagination go wild.


“A DAO on how to create a DAO (a bit of inception for your Sunday evening): After a successful rendition of bringing a DAO to an ever-growing state, you could start drafting what had to be done to bring the DAO there. Then, you could sketch a structure on what to do to grow a DAO into a well-oiled (and potentially German) machine. You could have different services provided to other DAOs, which they could buy depending on what state they are in (e.g a DAO wants to change their onboarding, so you service just that; or a DAO wants to learn how to write, discuss and vote on proposals accordingly, so you could build a service on that). It would basically provide services, guides, and hands-on support (you could even have ambassadors of your DAO joining and moderating different elements of the other DAO), which would help grow the entire web3 community, and the way it’s structured and providing opportunities. Just my Sunday thoughts.”

“I like that: a subDao building Daos, an audit SubDao (code writing, good practices on various verticals), a law advisory SubDao. Keep going guys.”

#12: Name up to 3 non crypto/non-financial oriented books you have had read or are on your reading list.

  • Elon Musk Tesla Space X
  • Steve Jobs biography
  • Roger Federer biography
  • The 48 Laws of Power – Robert Green.
  • Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari
  • Skin in the game – Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
  • The Pelican Brief – John Grisham 
  • Football and Pizza – John Grisham 
  • The Change – Mo Yan.
  • Principles – Ray Dalio 
  • Thinking fast and slow – Daniel Kahneman 
  • Never split the difference – Chriss Voss.
  • Small Data – Martin Lindstrom 
  • Predictably Irrational – Dan Ariely 
  • The Scout Mindset – Julia Galef 
  • The Changing World Order & Principles – Ray Dalio
  • Knight Assassin’s Creed – Oliver Bowden
  • Why we sleep – Matthew Walker 
  • Standardul Bitcoin – Saifedean Ammous 
  • Tools of Titans – Timothy Ferriss
  • How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie 
  • Agatha Christie, The big four.
  • Lean In by Sheryl Sanberg.
  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho.
  • The Trial – Franz Kafka.
  • 21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Yuval Noah Harari.
  • GCHQ – R. Aldrych. 
  • Men without women – H. Murakami Zen 
  • The art of motorcycle maintenance – Robert Pirsig


I’m going with epic fantasy on this thread: – Stormlight Archive – Brandon Sanderson (one of main characters’ name is Kaladin with one “L”)

Memories of Idhun – Laura Gallego García – childhood memory together with The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis – 

The wheel of Time – Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson – this I am reading now. It comes hard for me to say this, but I enjoy reading this series more than any other I’ve read. Average reading time of the whole series is little more than 400 hours :)).”

Well, it was a pleasure to see so many books and how much the community engages in developing knowledge and self-development. 

You are the best!

#13: Name up to 3 movies that made you cry. If you wish, try to remember what age were you and what circumstances you were in, that you’ve got so touched by the movie.

From reading and self-development to weeping and emotional. We do have animal lovers for sure. There are some movies that you should watch if not yet and see if it causes the same reaction.

I think that there are triggers everywhere that can make us cry, mainly based on past experiences but not a rule. But this shows that we have feelings and that we are good people. Yes, we really are….

  • The pursuit of happiness.
  • Eat, pray, love
  • A dogs purpose 
  • A dog’s purpose 
  • A dog’s journey 
  • Hachi-A dog’s tale 
  • Five feet apart
  • Frozen
  • Lenox Hill Hospital.
  • Togo 2 
  • The Impossible
  • Origins
  • Lion King
  • Titanic
  • Hustlers
  • Romeo and Juliette 
  • Man on fire (redemption, healing and finding purpose through love)
  • “In between” on Netflix (a modern The Notebook- another favourite)

#14: How would you describe Romania to a tourist in a single word?

  • Traditions  
  • Unexpected
  • Chameleonic
  • Believers
  • Versatile
  • Diverse
  • Friendly
  • Hospitality
  • Party
  • Raw
  • Flavours
  • Spicy (hot, flavoury, entertaining)
  • Entangled      
  • Weird

#15: What is your take in the traditional educational system. Name 3 things you believe the curriculum should contain.

1. How the brain / body works 

2. Financial education 

3. The history of the last 30 years because a lot has changed during this period, and I don’t think this is being taught in schools now.

Financial education 

Critical thinking. 

1.Emotional Intelligence 

2.Importance of taking care of your body 

3.Financial Education    

1. Something medical related. It is important to know your body, physiological and pathological.

2. Emotional intelligence, 

3. Gardening, food growing, surviving. (sustainability).

1. Financial education 

2. Health & Nutrition 

3. Body care & Sex education

1. Financial education and I mean everything from what money is to how to pay a bill 2. Education about recycling/reusing/saving resources 

3. Sexual education (mainly because too many kids have kids in Romania, we can’t expect a14 years old to be a mom and we shouldn’t be okay with the fact that it happens all the time…)

#16: Tell me a say that makes sense in English, but sounds crazy in Romanian if translated raw (i.e.: “Beating around the bush” – meaning: beat around the bush to talk about lots of unimportant things because you want to avoid talking about what is really important. Direct translation in Romanian: “a bate in jurul tufisului”. Raw, makes no sense, but could be translated as ” sa te tragi pe c*r”).

  • Pull yourself together – Calm down Romanian raw translation: Trage-te pe tine impreuna.
  • Spill the beans- Give away a secret Romanian raw translation: Varsa fasolea.
  • Maybe “Call it a day” which would roughly translate to “Numeste-o o zi”
  • “Cut the crap”
  • Here’s one I really like “pull your finger out” meaning start doing some work/ something. In romanian sounds quite bizare “scoate degetul afara”.
  • It’s a piece of cake – meaning: something that is easy to do/achieve, Direct translation in Romanian: e o bucata de tort. 
  • Raw it has no sense, but we have some similar ones, such as “simplu ca buna ziua” or “floare la ureche”.
  • Pick your brain – to ask questions —> sa iti aleg creierul cred ca ar fi traducerea .

#17: Let’s dive into favourite activities. Apart from family related activities and crypto, what is the one that you enjoy practising the most?


“Soccer, which most of the time involves running, spitting, screaming, cursing, acting and if you get lucky, some boxing in the end.”

“Right now, I have 2 obsessions: practicing American Football and playing Fantasy Games (Fantasy Premier League, Bundesliga, F1, PGA) just tell me about a fantasy game and I will play it.”

“Football, for sure. I love playing football, it really clears my mind, and all the problems are gone, it’s like I’m a ten-year-old child again and I have nothing to worry about.”


“Baking: bread, brioche, croissants.”

“Kangoo Jumps classes.”

“Gym 3-4 times a week, time spent in nature and reading books.”

“Probably socialising, but I also enjoy writing, reading, painting, drawing.”

#19: If you’d fish the magic golden fish, what would be the tree wishes you’d ask in return for its freedom?


1. Keep my soul young and restless.

2. Wisdom to control and guide my craziness.

3. Patience not to get slaughtered by my own hunger.


1.The ability to grant wishes to other people, for 100 more years under the condition that the wishes to never benefit me in any way.

2. Wolverine s healing powers (X-Men).

3. If the fish was another being and was cursed to serve as a wish granter/genie, I wish for him to return to his normal form happily and healthy. Because he deserves it and he needs his retirement.


1.A parallel life. One in which I can read as much as I please. 

2. 2h of sleep per day to be more than enough for a full recover.

3. The ability to fly.




3.No need to eat

@mtk: “Satoshi is in the house” 


To focus when I want, on the button. 

The ability to distort time in a week. For example, Monday to have only 16 hours, but Tuesday 32. 

Earth to be in a sustainable expansion, just like the universe.

#20: What is your favourite commercial of all times? Reply with a YouTube link. Do not rush, find the most preferred one, regardless how old is it?

And with that we know where “tru tru”comes from.

#21: Name few things that you love at your workplace and few things that you don’t like or you believe you could change in better.


Good stuff: – being able to take on different roles and tasks that you wish to try, within or outside the scope of your role. This helped me discover what I really like doing. 

Bad stuff: – existing discrepancies between what the business sells to some clients, and the timeline provided, versus the scope of the work required, on top of already locked roadmaps. This made us must grind hard during some months, or flip stuff around just because the business didn’t discuss with the owners of the project.

#22: Sometimes we found ourselves in embarrassing situations. Some of them are funny, some of them are not. How do you pull yourself out of them? If you use a standard strategy, share it with us.


I’ve been in some embarrassing situations and from my perspective I think that the best way is to forget them as quick as possible and to move on because if you stay in a bad mood is getting worse. And of course, you must learn something from this and not doing it again.

A self-criticizing joke does the job, unless overwhelmed by the situation, when anything can happen from saying nothing to starting useless arguments. Still work on that bit of myself.

Depending on the nature of the situation, humour is one of the easiest ways out for me, or just stating the obvious, then get up shake it off and move on. One moment is not worth it to spoil your mood.

#23: The geographical and cultural area we live in since we’re born will influence our beliefs and shapes who we are for at least a part of our lives. Based on this, tell me how/what influenced you in a good way.


“I had the message written but I didn’t press send: “I like my colleagues and the vibe sometimes, but sometimes the vibe is not the best. I don’t like the fact that we use veeeery old apps and everything is too outdated, I use apps that are probably older than me and many things are done in a way that was popular 10 years ago.”


“Needless to say, that @karoly and I are strongly influenced by our Ardeal. Personally, I find my calm, resilience and patience being cultivated in my early childhood a great life influence.”

#24: Some of us are solitary wolves, others are rolling in packs. I’m curious what’s your type generally and why. Also, are there moments when you feel to be the opposite, and why?

#25: Describe the word “collaboration” in a sentence/phrase.


To get there, together faster.


The people should be focused more on common good then on personal benefits.


Together is always best choice. 

A couple of people working together to achieve a common goal.

#26: What is you mfer skill? Can be anything that make you proud of yourself. Credit: Bootstrapping team on StakeborgDAO Summit application form.


Maybe “creativity”, I have many crazy and ideas :).


I always see the half full side of the glass first. This keeps me optimistic and makes me a very good and fast problem solver.

#27: Name an event you took part at and you’d love to attend again at least once in the lifetime. If that’s hard, name an event you love and you attend it recurrently.


“I have just missed that one last night, lol. Seriously I would love to see a final at the Crucible, Sheffield.”


“I’ve enjoyed once a track experience with a NASCAR car, even though they are not on my top preferences, I was quite surprised and had a lot of fun, will try and do that again!”


“When Romania played at EURO2016, I’ve spent 2 weeks in France, attending all 3 matches. It was such a great experience, we had some solid displays that led us to a deciding match against Albania (btw, if we had won that one, winners Portugal were sent home). We lost that one, but the unity and the vibe were so so good. I even recall going towards the stadium in Lyon and French people in cars were getting out the windows shouting “Allez la Roumanie”. I think for every football fan the adrenaline that these kinds of matches bring make any experience feel more intense. But it’s also the hype and joy that you can feel in the air. So yes, for sure, I’d love going to a WC / EURO following Romania’s national team someday.”

“First edition of Nervesea. It was a magical experience.”

#28: What was you first gaming console? Can you remember the year/age you got it? What about your favourite game played on it?

  • “Sega Saturn – the first game I think was Duck Hunt.”
  • “I don’t remember the console name, but the game was Duck Hunt.”
  • “I think it was called Dendy the console. I was good at Super Mario
  • Super Mario.”
  • “PS3, 2011, bought it with my first salary after working for 1 month in the Philippines. Favourite game by a landslide FIFA, starting with 12. Xbox One 2019, first game I played on it Castlevania 2 Lord of Shadows.”
  • “Play station portable (PSP)brought with money through “old iron recycling” collected from my uncles, grandpas, godfathers and other yards, especially to play God of war: Ghost of Sparta.”
  • “In 1997 I spent the whole summer break at my grandparents’ playing this. I remember harvesting sour cherries and rosehip that I sold to have money for batteries. These things were not rechargeable back then.”
  • “….something with the spaceship.”

#29: How would you define the word “resolve” from both personal perspective and in the context of a DAO.

#30: Build a sentence starting with “Why”. Feel free to be as creative as you like… you may even get some answers built on it by your fellow community members. 


Why…don’t worry, be happy? (It is normal to feel blue sometimes).

Well, thank you again to all that take your time to fill in these questions. I can see that we get more and more involvement. In the end, this is the purpose, and it is to bring us closer, together. 

I hope you enjoyed the topics and realised that in the end we are all the same. Everyone can participate and we can build a very strong community by figuring out what we like and how we can connect better. 

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