Road to level 7

Hi, one of our clever boys within the community decided to help reach out to level 7 on Discord, thank you @Mtk for your initiative.

The aim of this is to fulfil one of the KPIs necessary to become eligible for the 3rd airdrop that Stakeborg will offer to our community.

The topics aim to bring together the community and share opinions and thoughts about personal choices, technology, blockchain, crypto and other interesting subjects.

These are structured by days as it follows:

#1-In your opinion, what is the long-term role/value/meaning NFTs in the Web 3 economy?

#2-Describe a DAO in non-technical words.

A group of like-minded people, having similar goals, with a different set of skills that complete each other, which will enable them to shape their vision and #getshitdone; ultimately benefiting the doers

DAO is about community strength.

DAO is about friends with common interests and aspirations.

A gathering of smart people with a common focus.

#3-Name 3 characteristics of a DAO.

#4-What is your preferred trading platform, and why?

The favourite platform is Binance mainly because of UI/UX or convenience. The other votes went to FTX and People do feel more confident using Dex.

#5-What is your favourite DEX, and why?

One of OURS chose Sushiswap because there are LPs for $STANDARD AND $ILSI. Sushiswap with clearer UI and good liquidity, but the costs are higher and higher and drive people to CEX. As you can tell, it’s not the same people who answered the previous question :D.                                                                                                     

#6-How far can you see into the Metaverse? What’s next? What utility can it bring? Tip: when you build your answer, try not to get biased by the past/present.

This question brings so much information and it’s told in so nice manner. I will just copy all the chat that our clever, visionary Stakeborg boys have about the Metaverse as it would be silly to resume it.


“Totally uncomfortable and pushing me out of my comfort zone… which is good, because this is how progress and performance are made. Metaverse… for me it sounds like an enhancement to whatever we already have. I am thinking king that this should be a way of opening those unknown doors in our minds. We know that we do not know but we don’t know how much we do not know. So maybe Metaverse will push us into this direction of discovery and explore uncharted territory… maybe by the end of our life, we will be able to upload our conscience in the metaverse/metacloud and will serve humanity better because we will not have anymore those physical constraints. I am sure you are also familiar with the theory that the brain will simulate different scenarios based on the current state in order to try to predict a future outcome. In such a way, maybe we could create a trial universe in the metaverse where anything can be tested, validated etc and then be a way of increasing the accuracy of potential outcomes based on tons of past trials. Probably is nonsense, but by this time this is everything my limited mind can produce. Have a crazy good day!”


“I’m happy that you’ve crossed the entertainment barriers and went into utilities. My mind was crossed by this thought: initially, we had globalisation of goods and economy, now we’ll have globalisation of knowledge. So, metaverse can become a giant consciousness computer”.


“I’ve been thinking about it and my hypothesis relies on having some good hardware for AR as well (smart glasses of some sort, I have seen that the big tech companies are already in the development process for some time now). Now imagine the skins that you have in a video game, different armours, staffs, wings, boots/shoes, pets you name it! A good example can be what big designer brands are doing with some NFTs or AR items. You are walking down the street, no glasses you see people in their normal/usual attires, however, when putting the glasses on, you see that and much more, from a simple pin or a small accessory to having maybe a huge phoenix bird as a pet following you all around. I would say that for being different and expressing your style as a status symbol or adherence to a group this application would be very interesting, and it might draw a lot of people in. What do you think about this? Anyway, there are many many ways on how this could evolve, and I believe there are more possible routes that the metaverse will follow”.


“…I read your thoughts. I like them and they made me think that our human nature is to follow the trends set by the market/society for the purpose of belonging somewhere that define us as accurate as possible. And this will never change. All it’ll change it’s that “keeping up with the Joneses” will have fewer and fewer reference points from the material world and it’ll slowly move towards the digital world. Let me tell you what I have noticed in the UK’s housing market: the houses built in the 60s-80s have large rooms and large gardens to accommodate large families. Then they started shrinking this as they noticed that the families are getting smaller and busier, therefore they don’t need large rooms and gardens…. less children, less time to spend home, better for them. They could now squeeze more houses on the same land area. Why is this relevant? People will always pay for status. If the housing and cars cannot prove one’s status anymore, digital can, because it can be leveraged indefinitely”.        


“Interesting point of view regarding the UK real estate evolution in the last decades, and hearing this argument, it makes perfect sense for me as well ( so far I think I’ve always looked at it a bit more superficially: increase of population both natives and immigrants means higher demand which results in building more on the same land). I like this idea (which is also real) of people’s habits changing and with them their needs which stimulate the market to address those different requirements”.


“By definition… the reality is the state of things as they exist. One will alter reality based on its own filter, influenced by personal experiences and beliefs. At individual levels, billions of realities co-exist.  These micro realities are shaped by macro realities influenced by various factors (geography, culture, state, governance model, etc).  As the micro realities are so abundant and volatile, I’d say that the Metaverse might become a launchpad for “realities on steroids”.”

#7-Name your favourite food, then a name of food that intrigues the most, and why?

Spaghetti Carbonara and lamb “pastrami” Romanian style.

Romanian traditional food, fries, and pork skin/rind “sorici”, aubergine salad. One fancy customer here with grilled octopus, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies and Japanese or Norwegian rotten fish dishes.

 As for the second part of the question, #GPSing received once as a gift roasted giant ants, that even he was unsure what stands behind the decision of receiving such gift.

#8-Name the village you/your grandparents lived in. What was the best activity you could do there?

From the answer, @Mtk had a lot of fun and emotions telling our community how cool and how proud he is to have lived in a village.

“…Jupa, Caras-Severin, Romania. In the Summer, when not busy with agricultural jobs, we used to swim in the river passing near the village. We used to catch fish with bare hands (trapping them in trees’ underwater roots). We used to steal corn from the farmers and cook it on the bare fire. We used to swim at nighttime when the water would have been the warmest. The mosquitos were buggers though. We used to play football all day long and kiss girls all night long Sometimes we were playing the archaic version of CS:GO : a plastic pipe designed for trunking the electric cables and “rockets” (a.k.a cornet) shoot through, using the air from lungs. Everyone was everyone’s boyfriend or girlfriend at a point. Winters were mostly heavy; therefore, we have had loads of fun too. Frozen mini lakes meant playing ice football wearing wellington boots. Not pleasant when hitting the bottom on the ice though. And we used to fight…. a lot. Everybody fought everybody at least once. Always started from football or girls, and later from alcohol. We were stupid, happy fuckers.”

Isaccea, Tulcea where the best thing to do was camping and fishing.

@Jenny skipped the village life as a child, but she loves animals so much that she would pet any animal she can find. She visits her boyfriend’s parents at Gostilele, near Bucharest who live at the village and seems to like it.

#9-Name a place you have visited once, and you’ve promised yourself you’ll return to one day?

Places like Siberia, California, Mauritius, India, Tenerife, and Norway popped up in our lovely community.

 Also, The Black Sea and Small Braila Island were among our communities’ favourites as Romanian destinations.

#10-What is your favourite international crypto-related educational source. Name up to 3, if you cannot make up your mind?

Only one answer as Coin Bureau, Backless, The Defiant.

Thank you all who participated in this nice initiative and answer the questions. The game is still on, so please feel free to join and give insight about yourself. There is never a right or wrong answer and it is a nice way to bring people closer.

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