Web3 Learnings – Stakeborg DAO Ambassador Activity Report (Jul-Aug 2022)

Disclaimer: This article has been first published on Mirror, on 2nd September 2022.

GM #stakeborgars,

This is meant to be a personal reflection over the past 6 weeks ( mid-July – August) in my role as StakeborgDAO Ambassador.

We have experienced some turbulence in both markets and DAO internal affairs.

I am proud of all of you that despite the turbulent times, continue to grind and educate yourselves. Bonus points for those that are also practicing what they learn. See my article over Rabbit Hole if you want to grasp those bonus points 😉

We have to give a shout-out to Vlad and Co. for the 4th TST event ( the Paul Olteanu one – it was EPIC) as well as for all the content the team is creating, bringing immense value to the crypto educational space and its Romanian community.

Make sure you follow @stakeborg on all social channels.

Some say there are also some $Standard to be won here and there.

Coming back to the ambassador business, I want to share with you that I am happy to see the growth path we are on, compared to the trial period. I believe it’s important to put into practice the lessons learned, and this is definitely happening at the moment.

The report is my commitment to creating an open communication with the community and one of the goals is to find out what are your expectations and if those are met.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.

Summary about my activity:

I was very excited to participate at ETH Toronto as a volunteer.

I was there for 3 out of 4 days. It was my first experience as a volunteer and I want to say that it was amazing. The way the Untraceable team managed the volunteers was both entertaining and inspiring. I spent the first two days helping with the set-up, which gave me the opportunity to understand a lot about operations and logistics when organizing such an event. I was there for the opening session of ETH Toronto and it was great to see the interest shown by the developers in building Web3 infrastructure.

The Futurist Blockchain Conference 2022 took place simultaneously with ETH Toronto, using the same venue. To be honest, I felt a bit on the outside, roaming through all the booths, as all present companies were mainly focused on infrastructure (a domain of which I don’t poses a full understanding).

Here’s a list of the winning projects. One of the top two finalists is Momentix, which developed the NFT Ticketing app, focusing on solving similar problems as @Teo’s NFT-Tickets application. I hope that maybe Teo will find some inspiration in Momentix’s design and with your help, he will be able to move NFT Tickets to the next phase.

Here’s a reflection impression tweet that I wrote a couple of weeks ago.

What could have been a very nice opportunity if flight dates would have worked better, was that while at ETH Toronto, I won a ticket to ETH LATAM offered by CryptoNomads. I was happy to donate this to @demianr85 (as promised in my posting).

I can’t stress enough the value that one can take in from participating in person in these events.

Plans for September

I will travel back to Europe mid-September and for sure the main event of the month will be the StakeborgDAO Summit. And let’s not forget that it’s more than this.

The Summit will follow a new The Stakeborg Talks event (scheduled to happen a day before the summit).

Bonus: for those that finalized the Blockchain course offered by Stakeborg SRL, the graduation party is approaching too.

I will definitely be present at both the Summit and the new TST edition, and maybe I will sneak in at the Blockchain graduation party too.

For the rest of the month, I have two initiatives that I am working on, and I will be happy, if these were to finalize positively, to be able to share them with you next month.

I have no conferences planned for the rest of the year, but I remain open if the opportunity arises. The next big thing on my agenda is Digitalium, London – April 2023.

I will be happy to form a StakeborgDAO squad and go there together. Shoot up in the comments if you are interested in this event too!

Ambassador Activities ( connected to the KPIs)

StakeborgDAO Ambassador KPIs

KPI 2 : Provide a monthly activity report to the Stakeborg DAO community, which will be made public by the 5th of the month at the latest for the previous month.


a) The Twitter analytics for your account on that month (Printscreen with: Tweets / Tweet impressions / Profile visits / Mentions / Followers)

Jul-Aug 2022

KPI 3 : Create at least a monthly Twitter thread about their activity as an ambassador for that month, including pictures from the IRLM; – Coming on September 5th.

KPI 4 : Create at least one monthly article on stakeborgdao.xyz about your learnings in the Web3 space as an Ambassador. ARTICLE.

KPI 5 : Participate in at least one Build meetup/month (online or IRL), exclusively between the ambassadors. For the meetup(s) to be successful more than 50% of the ambassadors must participate.

Participated in 5 out of the 6 ambassador meetings that took place. I also took the facilitator role on one occassion and the note taker role on another one. Meeting minutes are available for all 6 sessions.

KPI 6 : Participate in the voting process for every proposal, both on snapshot and on-chain.

Participated in all votings that took place up to this point.

KPI 9 : Identify real-live crypto / DAO / blockchain but not limited to events, and participate in at least one such event during the 6 months. The goal is to network and connect with other people, making them familiar with Stakeborg DAO. And, of course, bring your learnings inside Stakeborg DAO.

Particpated at ETH Toronto ( Toronto, Canada 7-10 August 2022).

KPI 10 : Promote Stakeborg DAO online actively and in creative ways (Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook, Youtube, etc.)

Promoted bringing StakeborgDAO on the highest point in Romania – Moldoveanu Peak (2544m) and 3rd highest – Vistea Mare Peak. Left a message for the ex-ambassador @Mac on top of the mountain. Felt really proud of it!

KPI 11 : Actively participate in AMAs & every second month (starting with August) organizing the DOERS Monthly Calls, either on Discord or on Twitter Spaces.

Participated actively in all AMAs and DOERs Monthly Calls, engaging in conversation with sometimes more, sometimes less accuracy, but I would love to hear more voices during these calls.

KPI 14 : Have an all-in ambassador mindset. Don’t consider this as a 24/7 job, but as a 24/7 mindset. This means you respect your role as an ambassador and you also respect the community;

Hopefuly I am living up to the expectations. If not, I would be happy to hear from you. I am always curious how I can get better.


Joint Ambassador initiatives; (e.g., a collaborative activity report) – Coming out September 5th.

Locations of last month

📍 Bucharest, Romania

📍 Toronto, Canada

📍 Fort Erie, Canada

And as always,

Love people and use things, because the opposite never works

The Minimalists

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