🧑‍💼Ambassador Learnings – Stakeborg DAO Ambassador Activity Report (September 2022)

GM #stakeborgars,

Another month has passed and it was an eventful one for both the crypto space and the Stakeborg DAO community. Here are my thoughts on the past period from my role of Stakeborg DAO Travelling Ambassador. Let’s begin!

This month we have welcomed ( overly excited ) the ETH Merge which did not bring any incremental changed to neither the ETH price nor the network functioning ( from what the regular investor can notice). However, the energy reduction used by the ETH network is an up-side of the merge that has imediate effect.

Also this month, the FED raised again the interest rates by the expected 0.75% and we see the Dollar apreciating agains all the other currencies. Staying on the US soil, we should all keep an eye on the SEC’s rullings regarding the ETH nodes jurisdiction as well as the other open cases, as these could represent a precedent for the authorities when judging crypto related cases.

Ambassador September Review

In my StakeborgDAO Travelling Ambassador journey, I have returned to Europe after spending over 5 weeks in Canada.

StakeborgDAO Summit

September was the month highly awaited by the StakeborgDAO community due to the new The Stakeborg Talks season, as well as due to the first edition of the StakeborgDAO Summit.

Together with the Ambassadors team, we have drafted an Open Letter that was sent to StakeborgDAO’s Core Team, which highlighted the most pressing discussion topics gathered from within the community.

The Summit took place on the 22nd of September at Un Teatru venue, a small and intimate location, that served perfectly the participants and the held discussions. A lot has been discussed and light has been brought upon doing business in the crypto space, DAO idealism, current and future products in the pipeline and the relationship between the community and the core team.

The Ambassadors team will publish the Open Letter and the answers to its questions, together with the Montly Ambassador’s Report on the 5th of October ( keep close). If you can’t wait – here’s a sneak peak.

Launch Community Event

I have also attended the Launch Community Evenings #5 where I had the pleasure to meet and chat with the team at Elrond Giants (after becoming part of the community a few days before), and listen to their pitch, next to two other Romanian Start-ups. Check the review of the event here:

StakeborgDAO and DomainDAO partnership

And the second partnership of StakeborgDAO. I have initated this proposal as I already supported DomainDAO privately, because I believe in their mission of securing the .dao domain from ICANN. You can read all about them here: https://docs.thedomaindao.org/ or by revisiting the passed proposal:


Plans for October

I wished I was in a plane next to @EugenPtr , flying towars Bogota, Columbia for ETH Bogota & Devcon Bogota.

But, that’s why its great to have two Travelling Ambassadors. Keep us in the loop, mate!

I was supposed to travel to Barcelona at the begining of the month, but my plans changed and I will travell towards the end of the month. In the meantime, I will be in Romania, mostly in Bucharest. Together with @Gsping, we might restart the Morning Coffee Live at Baristro ( favourite place in Bucharest). Keep an eye on the #Bucharest chat for dates and details.

I will be at the next The Stakeborg Talks on the the 12th of October ( ooops – alpha given out – don’t tell anyone).

Ambassador Activities ( connected to the KPIs)


KPI 2 : Provide a monthly activity report to the Stakeborg DAO community, which will be made public by the 5th of the month at the latest for the previous month – Coming Soon.


a) The Twitter analytics for your account on that month (Printscreen with: Tweets / Tweet impressions / Profile visits / Mentions / Followers)

KPI 3 : Create at least a monthly Twitter thread about their activity as an ambassador for that month, including pictures from the IRLM; – You are reading it 🙂

KPI 4 : Create at least one monthly article on stakeborgdao.xyz about your learnings in the Web3 space as an Ambassador. ARTICLE.

KPI 5 : Participate in at least one Build meetup/month (online or IRL), exclusively between the ambassadors. For the meetup(s) to be successful more than 50% of the ambassadors must participate.

Participated in 4 out of the 4 ambassador meetings that took place.

KPI 8 : Identify possible partnerships (public/private institutions, education, etc.) to support (or organize with another community member) an introductory presentation around Blockchain, NFTs, and DAOs.

Facilitating the partnership between StakeborgDAO and DomainDAO.

KPI 6 : Participate in the voting process for every proposal, both on snapshot and on-chain.

Participated in all votings that took place up to this point.

KPI 9 : Identify real-live crypto / DAO / blockchain but not limited to events, and participate in at least one such event during the 6 months. The goal is to network and connect with other people, making them familiar with Stakeborg DAO. And, of course, bring your learnings inside Stakeborg DAO.

Attended Launch Community Evenings #5 (20th of September 2022, Bucharest, Romania)

KPI 10 : Promote Stakeborg DAO online actively and in creative ways (Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) – Partnership with DomainDAO Announcement.

KPI 14 : Have an all-in ambassador mindset. Don’t consider this as a 24/7 job, but as a 24/7 mindset. This means you respect your role as an ambassador and you also respect the community;

Hopefuly I am living up to the expectations. If not, I would be happy to hear from you. I am always curious how I can get better.


Joint Ambassador initiatives; (e.g., a collaborative activity report) – Coming on 5th of October.

Locations of last month

đź“Ť Fort Erie, Canada

đź“Ť Bucharest, Romania

This month I added a new section (see below), which summarizes the most important articles and news I read recently:

Top news and articles of this month (imo):

  1. CRYPTO SECURITY THREAD by @OlimpioCrypto
  2. CZ was in Bucharest, Romania
  3. DAOs are not corporations: where decentralization in autonomous organizations matters by Vitalik Buterin
  4. Analyzing DAO Treasuries | State of the DAOs by BanklessDAO
  5. Find teams that build in a bear market. But how? by @Dynamo_Patrick
  6. Ideas for things worth building by Vitalik Buterin
  7. How to Manage a DAO Treasury by Aragon.org
  8. DAOs & Structural Adaptation Theory – Part 2 by talentDAO
  9. Four Factors That Make a DAO Sticky by Bankless DAO
  10. DAOs won’t win until they conquer the 3 C’s by Avenueplace.eth
  11. DAOs aren’t Pyramids, they’re Oceans by Avenueplace.eth
  12. StakeborgDAO & DomainDAO partnership
  13. What Is a zkEVM? by Polygon Team
  14. Using an Ethereum wallet for email by Skiff


Also, congrats to our fellow #stakeborgars for their personal endeavours – @EugenPtr, @Andreiv and @Dublude for their participation at the ETH Online 2022 Hackathon with their product – SENATE.

Congratulations to @meanix for taking over the NFTs section in The Crypto Insider newsletter.

Good luck to @Cosmin, @Endi and @Cornel with their new (not for us) project – It’s NFTime Newsletter. Follow them on Twitter too!

And as always, I will leave you with a piece of inspiration:

A rolex won’t buy you more time.

The Minimalists

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